Vintage Leather

Vintage Leather: A strong heritage

The appearance of this aniline leather takes you back in time in an instant. It’s a piece of heritage. Normal life markings such as healed scars, neck wrinkles, scratches certify the authenticity of BuzziLeather and show all the positive properties of a product left in its natural state.

Vintage Leather


  • Raw material European New Zealand Bullhides
  • Thickness 1,0 - 1,2 mm | 0.039 - 0.047 inch
  • Surface Pure Aniline
  • Flammability EU: EN 1021.1 - BS 5852 PART 1 (cigarette) | EN 1021.2 - BS 5852 PART 1 (match)
  • Fastness to light EU: 3 Blue Scale (72h exposition)
  • Fastness to rubbing EU: Wet 20 cycles/4 | Dry 100 cycles/4 Sweat 20 cycles/4
  • Strength Tear resistance: >20N or 10N/mm thickness Tensile: >20N/mmq | Elongation: 40-70%
  • Match Normal life markings (scars, wrinkles, scratches) certify the authenticity of the leather. Dust with a soft cloth regularly. Don’t expose to direct sunlight. Be careful with sharp objects. Spills should be blotted with a soft absorbent cloth. Don’t rub. Never use detergents, shoe polish, alkalized products. 

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