BuzziSpace Special Charity Auction

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After keeping our special initiative under wraps for the past couple of months, it’s finally time to showcase it to you all! Stay tuned in the next couple of days as we share more information and how you can get involved!


Since our inception in 2007, the BuzziSpace brand has become synonymous with quality and detailed craftsmanship. We also take pride in using sustainable materials to help lower our carbon footprint, place great importance on giving back to the community, and love showcasing our dedicated and hardworking team.

So it comes as no surprise that we’ve taken our fundamental company pillars and applied them to a very special charity auction. Spotlighting our latest acoustic seating element and our iconic lighting solution, we have created a special one-off limited-edition BuzziCee and BuzziShade XXL to auction off for charity! Let’s take a closer look at our special charity event.


From the early days of our company, our first BuzziProducts came to life by using recycled and recyclable materials, both of which are good for acoustics and the planet. For this project, we asked our team to collect discarded onion peals, wood chips, and flower petals. What is normally seen as waste, has been given a new life to help create the unique print seen on the fabric!



In order to lower our carbon footprint, we are dedicated to creating and designing long-lasting products made from high-quality materials. This BuzziCee and BuzziShade XXL will bring joy and vibrancy to your chosen space for the years to come.

Both items are also perfect for creating your own Hubs for Togetherness. The fabric alone was meticulously hand-dyed over a few sessions, while the acoustic items themselves were put together by hand in our manufactory located in Bladel, the Netherlands.

Our People

Our BuzziSpace team wanted to get closely involved with this personal project as a way to give back to our planet, community, and their well-being. The team gathered the ingredients needed to dye the fabrics, helped in choosing a charity that is near and dear to them, and even put their handiwork to good use!



To make a positive impact on our society, we support and give back to our communities. The special limited-edition BuzziCee and BuzziShade XXL will be auctioned off in the same lot. All proceeds will go towards a chosen charity. Stay tuned on how you can start bidding!

Stay tuned in the next couple of days as we share more information and how you can get involved!

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