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Rethink the way you work with original acoustic solutions, lighting and furnishings.

Noise reduction

We care about acoustics, so should you

From the very beginning, acoustics have been the driving force, and it still is to this day. It's part of our legacy.

A well-balanced room with a perfect acoustical level is a key factor to the performance and well-being of workers all over the world and therefore our logical main concern.

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About the brand

Happiness is key to success

We create solutions for happy and healthy workspaces around the world, leading the way for improved well-being at work.

In a relentless pursuit of bettering the world through design, we provide the key building blocks needed to create well-balanced spaces to make professionals feel at home wherever they are.

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London Design Fair 2019


London Design Fair 2019

This year, we will be exhibiting part of our portfolio at Darc Room, during London Design Festival 2019.

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Every workspace can be happy and healthy


Every workspace can be happy and healthy

Discover how organizations can counter social isolation and loneliness and create a more connected, social and productive workspace.

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Energetic and vibrant space at CIP in Melbourne


Energetic and vibrant space at CIP in Melbourne

Discover how the offices of Commercial and Industrial Property (CIP) have been turned into a space reflecting the company’s vibrant culture and industrial development heritage.

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