How to Create Hubs for Togetherness

What do you need to consider for employees coming back to the office?

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Noise reduction

Don't take acoustics for granted

Often, people only start thinking about acoustics once they experience an actual problem in a space—excessive noise, too many distractions or lack of privacy.

Acoustics should be part of the design process from the very beginning. Let’s help you find the right solutions for your spaces.

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About the brand

Happiness is key to success

We create solutions for happy and healthy workspaces around the world, leading the way for improved well-being at work.

In a relentless pursuit of bettering the world through design, we provide the key building blocks needed to create well-balanced spaces to make professionals feel at home wherever they are.

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AV and Acoustics: a good sound pairing


AV and Acoustics: a good sound pairing

Discover the recently refurbished space of Shure, a leading AV company in the UK, which took up an acoustic challenge and turned it into an opportunity to offer better sound experience.

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BuzziTable: A place for conversations


BuzziTable: A place for conversations

It is always inspiring to get to know the designer of each product. This time, Alain Gilles shares his insights about design and the story about how the new BuzziTable was born.

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6 ideas to rethink your traditional meeting setup

Idea Starters

6 ideas to rethink your traditional meeting setup

Discover a variety of alternative and flexible meeting setups for small and open spaces.

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