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Price lists

Price List EUR

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Price List GBP

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Price List USD

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BuzziSpace Catalog 2019-2020

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Acoustic Lighting Catalog 2018-2019

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Curtain Overview

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Material Overview

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PEFC Certificate

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BuzziGazettte # 14 - London Design Fair 2019

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BuzziGazette # 12 - NeoCon 2019

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BuzziGazette # 7 - Light + Building 2018

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BuzziGazette # 11 - Milan Design Week 2019

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BuzziGazette # 6 - NeoCon 2017

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BuzziGazette # 10 - Orgatec 2018

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BuzziGazette # 9 - Design Junction 2018

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BuzziGazette # 8 - NeoCon 2018

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General Information

BuzziSpace Product Warranty

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Care & Maintenance Manual

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Sustainability & Responsibility Report 2019

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BuzziSpace Logo

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General Terms of Sales

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BuzziSpace - RT60 Manual

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