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Price lists

Price list EUR MARCH 2022

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Price list GBP MARCH 2022

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Price list USD JAN 2022

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Acoustic Lighting Catalog 2022-2023 (NEW)

.pdf 26.3Mb Download

BuzziSpace Catalog 2022

.pdf 77.3Mb Download


BuzziSpace RT60 v3.0 How-to Infographic (A4)

.pdf 128.1Kb Download

BuzziAcademy 4.0 Hubs for Togetherness

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Sustainability & Certifications

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020-2021

.pdf 5.5Mb Download

Sustainability Infographic 2020-2021

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FSC Certificate - FSC® C167778

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PEFC certificate – PEFC/07-32-385

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Materials & Cleaning Guidelines

Cleaning Guidelines - FR

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Cleaning Guidelines - DE

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Cleaning Guidelines - EN

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Material Overview

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Care & Maintenance Manual

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Curtain Overview

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General Information

BuzziSpace Product Warranty

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General Terms of Sales

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BuzziSpace Logo

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