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After a successful first series of acoustic webinars - with over 2500 attendees - we’re extending our BuzziAcademy. We’re lining up the most popular sessions again and added two brand-new webinars. Our acoustic and lighting ambassadors will take you on a journey to create happy and healthy workspaces for today’s employees. Each session includes lots of practical tips and inspirational designs to unleash your best work. Welcome (back)!


NEW - Returning to the office: designing for physical distance (45’)

By Daniel Verlooven and Richard Ellerbeck

More and more companies are looking for solutions to create a healthy and safe workspace for their employees upon return to the office. We will share tips, tricks and examples to create physical distance and peace of mind for everyone.

Improving acoustics in your office (45’)

By Daniel Verlooven and Richard Ellerbeck

In this series of short sessions, we’ll share the core principles and parameters in the field of office acoustics, with tons of inspiration to design collaboration spaces, meeting rooms and open-plan offices. Always with social distance in mind. Get the most out of the series and join all sessions.

Acoustics in collaboration spaces

Acoustics in meeting rooms

Acoustics in open-plan offices

The power of acoustic lighting (60’)

By Daniel Verlooven and Sarah van Vlierberghe

Our ambassadors will give you an introduction to the multiple benefits of acoustic lighting solutions to create an acoustically balanced and perfectly lit space. Both webinars are packed with examples and tips and tricks for specific office spaces.

NEW - Acoustics in higher education and universities (60’)

By Daniel Verlooven and Richard Ellerbeck

Our acoustic ambassador Daniel Verlooven and acoustic consultant Richard Ellerbeck will touch on the challenges and the opportunities when it comes to designing acoustically well-balanced, happy and healthy classrooms, private study rooms, cafes, libraries and student unions on campus. Don’t miss out.

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