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Tune in to listen to some of the inspiring stories collected from our BuzziFriends.


BuzziTalks Episode #3: Design thinking for office design

Here it is! Another episode of BuzziTalks is out. We're thrilled to present you to this month's guests from Captif Office Architects. In today's episode, we focus on design thinking: how Captif approach office design and which characteristics they borrow from design thinking to create happy, healthy workspaces.

BuzziTalks Episode #2: NeoCon 2019 Highlights

Another episode of BuzziTalks is out! Today, we bring you some of the highlights from this year’s NeoCon Shows in Chicago! If you didn’t make it, don’t worry, we made sure to capture some of the first impressions of the visitors. Because what did they actually think about the showroom and all the new launches? We’re curious to hear more, aren’t you? Grab a coffee, sit back and press play!

BuzziTalks Episode #1: A place for conversations

As a countdown to this year’s NeoCon shows in Chicago, we’re kicking off our new podcast, BuzziTalks. We will meet with designers, BuzziFriends, architects, and other experts to discuss happy, healthy workspaces, new designs, trends, innovative solutions for the workspace, and a lot more.

Our first guest is Belgian designer Alain Gilles, who’s joining us today to talk about one of his new designs for BuzziSpace, launching at NeoCon. Alain has been collaborating with BuzziSpace for more than 10 years, and as you browse through our collection, you will find a variety of designs by him, from acoustic solutions and lighting to furniture.

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BuzziTable: A place for conversations

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