In the studio with our designers: Gerd Couckhuyt

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Get an exclusive glimpse inside the studio of Gerd Couckhuyt.


Sit back and enjoy an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes with some of the designers of our most iconic solutions.

Today, we visit the studio of Gerd Couckhuyt. He works in a white and futuristic space in Kortrijk, Belgium where designs like BuzzBounce and BuzziPlank came to life.

Where do you mostly work on new product ideas?

Most ideas pop up when I’m in the shower (probably because I’m most relaxed and therefore most creative). After a few days of “simmering”, I start sketching in my office. I begin with some easy doodles until I feel the exercise has led me to the right shape. Next, I start modeling in 3D.

When I get an assignment from a particular client, I start by researching what solutions already exist. The most important thing to me as a designer is that my designs are different from other products in the market. Each must have a strong identity and standout.

Most ideas pop up when I’m in the shower. Probably because I’m most relaxed and therefore most creative.

— Gerd Couckhuyt, Designer

What do you really need in your workspace to work well?

There are several parameters that are important to make me feel good at work, for instance, the light. There has to be a well-balanced work light combined with sufficient daylight.

I find it important that there are windows with a view to the outside landscape. I also love open workplaces. Here, good acoustics are important to avoid distracting sounds. Also, chairs must provide a sufficient level of comfort. In addition, I love spacious tables and high-quality IT equipment.

Do you work mostly alone or with your team?

I’ve been working alone for a while now. Mostly, because I noticed, from previous projects, that I lose a lot of time managing other people, making sure they are busy. I didn’t have time for the creative part of the process and to actually design. I do have some administrative support, and I also work in close collaboration with my clients to develop products and prototypes.

Do you find it important to have a fixed space where you can work or can you work from anywhere?

Yes and no. Sketching can be done from almost everywhere. But to convert a particular product into a 3D model and to visualize it, I need a very fast and powerful computer. That is why I work from my fixed office in Kortrijk. Stay tuned for the next volume in our series. In the meantime, we thank Gerd for giving us a tour behind the scenes.

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