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Often times the acoustics of a room are forgotten.

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When decorating a space, we often think of only the most visible items: tables, chairs and curtains. But what we do not see — the acoustics of the room — is too often forgotten.

The BuzziSpace RT60 app is a functional tool that measures reverberation times in small- to medium-sized rooms. In addition to calculating current reverberation levels, the RT60 app allows users to simulate the impact of various BuzziSpace acoustic products on the acoustics of a room and thereby determine the number of acoustic elements required to reduce reverberation times to acceptable levels.

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Added Features

The latest updates to the BuzziSpace RT60 app sees the introduction of some key features to improve the overall user experience.

A new feature included in the update sees the product catalog changed from an alphabetical listing to a more organized arrangement of acoustic solutions by category. These categories are listed as: Wall Mounted, Ceiling Suspended, Acoustic Lighting, Acoustic Furniture, Free-Standing, and Partitions & Screening. By grouping our various acoustic solutions according to these categories, we aim to simplify the process of identifying and adding products to acoustic simulations within the app.

We've also added a new measurement scale on the Y-axis of the graph, allowing you to easily identify individual reverberation times across the various frequencies.

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How-To Video

Experiencing difficulties? We’ve created a how-to video to guide you through using the BuzziSpace RT60 app. You can also find the how-to video within the app's menu.


Acoustics are our driving force and where our story started. Read why we believe that a well-balanced space is a key factor to performance and well-being, and how the BuzziSpace RT60 app can aid you.

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