Anthony Duffeleer

He contributed to the playful range of BuzziSpace room dividers in 2009 with BuzziPlant, a great solution to create a nature-inspired environment indoors.

Anthony Duffeleer

About Anthony Duffeleer

Unexpected, funky designs

The Flemish architect, Anthony Duffeleer, heads the Antwerp-based agency Frap together with architect Freia Rombouts. The duo is specialized in product design and architecture.

In addition to this, Duffeleer is the initiator of Xala, a collection of must-haves for house and garden.

As a designer, he is particularly interested in the quest for the right production method.

In 2010, he designed a funky room divider for BuzziSpace, named BuzziPlant.

Designed by Anthony Duffeleer

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