Designer: Cory Grosser

How can we make people feel better at work? The answer to this question guides Cory and his team in the development of new designs, constantly challenging them to understand the user.

About Cory Grosser

Nothing beats putting a smile on people’s faces

Cory Grosser + Associates (CG+A) is a multi-disciplinary, boutique design agency that implements beautiful designs for the benefit of commerce and culture.

Founded in 2002 by American designer, Cory Grosser, CG+A’s approach drives creative strategies for brands and engaging narratives for people.

According to Cory, empathy is crucial as a designer. It’s about understanding and transforming how people feel in a space. Of course, functionality is important too, but nothing beats putting a smile on people’s faces.

The Pasadena-based studio has collaborated with many top American and international brands on projects in the fields of product and furniture design, architectural design, creative direction, and design strategy. 

Designed by Cory Grosser

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