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Tips & Tricks on How to Revamp Your Workspace for 2021

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The New Year marks the perfect time to elevate your existing work area. Find out how!

As the mantra goes: “New Year, New Me.” With 2020 well behind us, it’s now time to look towards what 2021 will offer. Why not take this moment to welcome in the year ahead by giving your workspace a much-needed revamp?

As most employees continue to work from home, now, more than ever, companies are reimagining the way we will continue to work in the future. According to our research, no employees want to return full-time to the office, only once in a while to so they can hold face-to-face meetings and in-person collaborations, in addition to breaking social isolation.

Now, more than ever, companies are reimagining the way we will continue to work in the future."

Stay motivated and keep your productivity high by introducing a few fun acoustic solutions and furniture options that will instantly elevate your space, all while keeping excessive noise and disruptive sounds out so you can stay focused on the task at hand.

Luckily, we here at BuzziSpace have been creating solutions that are both flexible and easy to move. So if you decide to relocate or revamp your office, our sustainable solutions are a long-term investment and will additionally retain their design value and health benefits for the years to come.

Below are a few tips to help upgrade your office and how you can create your perfect working environment, all while putting happiness and health at the forefront.

#1: Make sure you have enough light

Making sure there is adequate light to get your work done is imperative. Low levels of light can lead to drowsiness, as well as a deterioration of eyesight over time. Adding an acoustic lighting solution will ensure there is enough light while mitigating noise.

BuzziJet Standing is a versatile floor lamp that can additionally dim to create a relaxing atmosphere. As a solution that requires no installation, the stylish lighting solution is also a perfect add-on to any lounge area or break-out zone.

On the other hand, BuzziCone manages to find the perfect balance between being a decorative element and a powerful acoustic performer. Select a globe LED for mood lighting or a spot LED, which offers direct functional light for any workstation. BuzziCone’s versatility works well independently, or as a cluster to add depth and variation to any given space.

#2: Add some plants

Plants and biophilic elements will help you revamp your office in several different ways. Not only do plants provide extra oxygen to help increase health and well-being, but they also add freshness and vibrancy to any space, on top of keeping you connected to nature.

Why not introduce a low maintenance indoor plant? Made from preserved reindeer moss, BuzziMood is a natural sound absorber that promotes a relaxed and calm atmosphere in any space. Additionally, BuzziMood is sustainable on top of being a natural air humidity indicator.

Additionally, our BuzziPlanter was designed to bring nature into the workspace while helping to create various luscious green microenvironments to work, gather, and relax. Arriving in six different size variations, BuzziPlanter is a simple, yet effective, addition to any workspace.

#3: Introduce some cozy seating elements

Having a comfortable and ergonomic chair is important to stay healthy. But adding cozy seating elements into your workspace will also aid your mind and body when switching between tasks.

With its luscious, upholstered seats, oversized armrest, and informal design, BuzziCane will instantly become a perfect place to catch up on emails or unwind for a brainstorming session. And due to its fresh, vintage-inspired aesthetic, this cozy seating element suits any workspace or home office.

The exquisitely upholstered BuzziMe is built with sound-absorbing materials to help reduce external noise and vice versa. This makes it a perfect spot for a coffee break or to hold an informal meeting.

#4: Give it some color

Avoid using the same old white, grey, and black color palette when decorating your workspace. Opt for more colorful designs that help to promote creativity and productivity. While most of our product lineup arrives in bold and vibrant hues, a simple way to introduce color is with BuzziBlox and BuzziShield Hook.

BuzziBlox is an acoustic panel that can be combined in various colors and depths, while effectively absorbing sound waves in your room so they don’t reflect. On the other hand, the noise-reducing panel doubles as a piece of art.

Another option is BuzziShield Hook. The lightweight and flexible office divider helps to create private work areas, smaller spaces to collaborate or meet, and boundaries without having to build walls. And due to its voluminous upholstered body and elegant curve, the room divider instantly creates warm and snug environments in no time.

Both of these products will help create a fun atmosphere, without feeling claustrophobic.

#5: Add some eye-catching items

Add some conversation starters and eye-catching items to your workplace to enhance the overall vibe.

Looking for that one staple item to help elevate your workspace or home office? BuzziTable is an effortless way to add style to any meeting room, gathering spot, or hospitality space. The fun addition will make for a great area to collaborate and spend quality time with colleagues.

BuzziNest, our newest boundary-pushing product, offers up a private space to work or to hold face-to-face meetings in any open space without disturbing others, and most importantly, being disturbed. You can choose from over 90 high-quality colorful fabrics and decorative prints to dress BuzziNest’s interior and exterior to match your decor needs or elevate your BuzziNest with additional furniture add-ons.

Lastly, BuzziBracks instantly creates microenvironments in open spaces where meetings or collaborations can happen. It’s also a perfect spot to get focus work done. The curtains add an extra layer of functionality and can be used to create different levels of visual and acoustic privacy in your workspace.

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