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5 Seating Elements to Create Hubs for Togetherness

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Flexible acoustic seating solutions to help design areas for informal meetings and collaborations, all while encouraging a sense of togetherness.

BuzziSpace BuzziCee Acoustic seating sofa

Contrary to popular belief, meetings don’t always need to be held in a formal setting, such as a stuffy, enclosed conference room or a boardroom table. According John Symes, Director of Workplace at JLL in London, “People are working less conventionally nowadays,” which has given way to the introduction of semi-private spaces.

To foster creativity, productivity and collaboration, why not introduce some informal meeting and collaboration setups, that additionally work as Hubs for Togetherness. Of course, it’s important to take into consideration the culture of your organization and your workforce to see which solution suits your needs best.

Below is a curated selection of some of our lauded seating elements, intended for short-term use, that will help you move towards some form of informality in your workspace design, while fostering collaboration and a sense of togetherness.


With the new way of working rolling in, BuzziCee acts as the perfect gathering spot to bring colleagues together for a quick face-to-face chat or brainstorm session, all while guaranteeing physical distance and creating a stronger bond amongst teammates. On top of that, the unique acoustic seating solution is made to be placed in the center of a space and is additionally perfect for creating Hubs of Togetherness whether it be in an open-plan office, reception area, hospitality space, or beyond.

BuzziSpace BuzziCee Acoustic seating sofa


Looking for something a little more enclosed? Hold your informal meeting in BuzziSpark. BuzziSpark is a soft lounge sofa that features a high back that not only creates visual privacy but also improves the acoustics in an open space. Hold meetings here without any distractions, or use it as an alternative workstation. And because BuzziSpark’s cushions and seats can be upholstered in various shades, it will be easy to instantly add a pop of color to your office.


For a quick touch base or collaboration session, our exquisitely upholstered BuzziMe lounge chair is the perfect solution. Built with sound-absorbing materials, BuzziMe reduces external noise and vice versa, making it an ideal spot to hold a private meeting.


BuzziCane will introduce a fresh, vintage-inspired look into any office or workspace. Because of its luscious, upholstered seats, oversized armrest, and informal design, the seating element will instantly become a go-to spot for a team brainstorming session or informal meeting. BuzziCane is available in two frame colors along with a range of upholstery fabrics so you can create a playful aesthetic that suits your décor needs.


An essential addition to any workspace is BuzziCube. The playful and colorful seating element can easily be moved around and encourages spontaneous conversations amongst colleagues and teammates. Because it’s made from soft acoustic foam, BuzziCube is not only a pleasure to sit in, but it also helps to absorb excessive noise within any open-plan office or large room. And don’t be fooled by its seemingly simple design, it takes our skilled craftsman and high-tech production process to expertly adhere the fabric to BuzziCube’s 3D cut foam.

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