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Color Revelations: The Hub

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Use earthly tones to inspire feelings of wellness and serenity.

Welcome to the second installment of our new “Color Revelations” series where we take a look at how color plays an integral role in human behavior and our working environments.

Choosing the right color for your workspace can greatly improve productivity, creativity, wellness, and much more in your employees. Therefore, when considering what colors to use in your workplace, it should never be an afterthought.

According to studies, working in offices with neutral chromatic atmospheres, like grey, will increase the risk of burnout by 15% and decrease productivity by 12%But there are other options if you’re not ready to make a leap towards bold and vibrant hues. Instead, opt for earthy tones to inspire feelings of tranquility and serenity. And don’t be afraid to add small pops of red, blue, and pastel yellows for a bit of fun.

Where These Colors Work Best

The colors spotlighted in this installment can work anywhere, whether it be in an office, home, educational, or hospitality setting. Since people have been spending more time indoors than ever before, these earth-inspired tones will provide a much-needed lightness, along with the warmth and freshness that being outdoors brings.

Tones of tans and rattan mixed with airy greys will offer up sophistication and will stand the test of time in a variety of environments. And make sure to spark your design senses with the addition of biophilic items such as lush green plants. This will only further enhance and elevate your workspace.

Find some inspiration below.

Showcased in the above image: BuzziPlanter 80 S in Fabric Kiezel; BuzziPlanter 45 L in Fabric Red; BuzziPuzzle Low in Tonus 4 – 631.

Light shades of brown can also create a consistent background to brighten accents of colorful décor. Use functional objects such as acoustic poufs or potted plants that also have a decorative value.

Showcased in the above image: BuzziPuzzle Low in Tonus 4 – 631.

Other earthy tones, like blue, compliment brown tones best. This bright royal blue gives an artistic look to every object it touches.

Showcased in the above image: BuzziMilk Side Table in Ash Natural and Ash Black Stained.

Natural elements also help to bring in the indoors in. These circular stools crafted in wood aid in creating a serene environment.

Showcased in the above image: BuzziPlanter 45 L in Fabric Red; BuzziTile 3D – Bee in Fabric Light Grey; BuzziPuzzle High in Trevira CS - Ash.

Acoustic elements can be placed anywhere in your workspace. They can also arrive as a piece of art on the wall to a decorative pouf or potted plant.

Showcased in the above image: BuzziTile 3D – 25 Square in Fabric Light Grey; BuzziPuzzle Low in Tonus 4 – 631; BuzziPuzzle High in Trevira CS – Ash.

Returning to playful shapes can be mentally liberating. Forget about all conventions for interiors and make it your own.

Showcased in the above image: BuzziPlanter 45 L in Fabric Red; BuzziSpark in Velvet Prussian, Clara 2 – 423, Hero 2 – 681, Remix 3 – 753.

A private space in the workspace has become increasingly important. So, it would be wise to make it playful and creative with additional pops of color.

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