Teesside University's Library Becomes a Student Haven

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The addition of our acoustic solutions helped to create comfortable and productive workspaces so students could properly focus and thrive.

Proper acoustics play an imperative role in any environment, especially when it comes to creating a comfortable and productive workspace to thrive in. At BuzziSpace we believe in a holistic approach when creating vibrant and acoustically well-balanced spaces.

Looking to renovate its student library, the UK’s Teesside University reached out to BuzziSpace to assist in improving both the lighting and acoustic comfort for a variety of focus and collaborative settings. The main goal was to explore how these new settings could best serve the students, taking aesthetics, functionality, and most importantly acoustic experience, into consideration. Read on to see how we incorporated Hubs for Togetherness into the space.

Of course, with noise transfer being one of the main concerns, Teesside University’s goal was to find acoustic products that would help absorb excessive noise so their students can focus while elevating the design aesthetics of the library’s many spaces.

With an emphasis on creating happy, healthy, and acoustically welcoming settings, BuzziSpace was able to provide a variety of unique and authentic acoustic lighting solutions that struck the perfect balance between acoustic performance and decorative appeal.

To establish different zones and ambiance, our lauded acoustic lighting solutions such as BuzziMoon and BuzziShade were installed in different felts and vibrant colors. The aforementioned products were also an effective solution in reducing reverberation and managing noise levels closer to the students.

Elsewhere, our BuzziFalls room divider was implemented to create smaller spaces and to aid with acoustic privacy without having to build walls. And due to its biophilic- and nature-inspired cutouts, BuzziFall’s presence helps to increase productivity, cognitive ability, creativity, and concentration in this setting.

It’s been proven that poor acoustics negatively impacts our well-being and productivity. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the key takeaway is that acoustic treatment should always be considered from the outset of the design concept.

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