BuzziFalls: Work apart together

Create a layer of privacy with this collection of floating, decorative panels that offer artistic style with acoustic benefits. BuzziFalls will help reduce sound transfers and mitigate high tones, such as ringtones, typing and clicking sounds.

Elegant, yet bold patterns

BuzziFalls is an elegant acoustic element and room-dividing solution in one. Made of a dual-layer of BuzziFelt, these sound-absorbing screens are precision cut with bold patterns, available in a range of biophilic and geometric shapes.

BuzziFalls can be mounted or suspended from the wall or ceiling, or opt for a ceiling and floor suspended iteration (* Pattern will be slightly modified for ceiling and floor suspended option). BuzziFalls Rail is another alternative that enables the panels to slide with ease—creating a movable room divider that shifts from private to public space.

Running on a single three-meter track, panels slide from left to right. Create the effect of sliding doors by installing two layers of parallel tracks for the rails.

Go Wider

For larger, open spaces, including reception areas and lobbies, BuzziFalls is now offered in a larger width of 120 cm.

The new BuzziFalls option will be available in three patterns of Plain, Rain, and Birch, as well as three BuzziFelt colors of Offwhite, Stonegrey, and Jeans. The updated size can still be mounted or suspended from the wall or ceiling, or both ceiling and floor suspended. BuzziFalls Rail is also an available alternative for the larger width.

Stand out with prints

Take your BuzziFalls to the next level with a selection of bold BuzziFelt Printed designs. Choose from 10 prints and opt for different looks with one or a combination of two prints if you can't decide on your favorite. 

Tackles the challenges of open spaces

Acoustics : Tone it down


Maximum Absorption


Maximum Diffusion

The sound-absorbing Buzzifelt construction ensures full acoustic performance from both front and back. It mitigates sound transfers between zones and absorbs high-frequency tones, e.g. colleagues’ chatter, typing or ringing sounds, which makes this the perfect room divider in open spaces.

Acoustic performance

Low Tones

Low Tones

Mid Tones

Mid Tones

High Tones

High Tones

Need CAD files?

Our online product configurator enables you to design your own BuzziFalls and download it as a DWG, SKP, 3DS or Revit file.
Configure your BuzziFalls

About the designer : Sas Adriaenssens

She designed the very first products for BuzziSpace made from recycled felt. They were an instant hit back then and they still are to this day.
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