BuzziAcademy 4.0: Hubs for Togetherness

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Our all-new webinar series delves into Hubs for Togetherness. We’ll share practical tips and tricks on how you can create your own Hubs for Togetherness, wherever it may be. Sign up for a session now!


In our last BuzziAcademy run, we shared our vision on the future ways of hybrid working. As the workforce has now entered a post-COVID world, many offices and companies around the globe have started opening up their doors again.

Now, more than ever, workspaces will need to encourage virtual and traditional ways of working. Additionally, the physical structure and appearance of the workplace will greatly determine how employees will function.

No matter what your company DNA is, financial situation, and which hybrid way of working you will continue to carry out down the line, we’ve concluded that there is one common theme that will continue to live on in the ever-shifting world of workspaces. If you don't want to be left behind, you need to start incorporating Hubs for Togetherness.

In each session of our BuzziAcademy 4.0: Hubs for Togetherness series, our experts will provide tips, thought-starters, inspirational settings, and ideas on how you can create your bespoke Hubs for Togetherness to suit your working needs.

Why We Need to Create Hubs for Togetherness (30’)

After months of working remotely, many employees may feel hesitant when returning to the office. In this session, we’ll explain the concept of Hubs for Togetherness and why, now more than ever, you should start incorporating them into your workspace.

Key Learnings:

- How Hubs for Togetherness foster collaboration, social interaction, and well-being.

- Turning me spaces into we spaces and how to work apart together.

- Why Hubs for Togetherness are good for acoustics.

What are Hubs for Togetherness (30’)

The office isn’t dead... it now has a new purpose. The second session will break down the fundamentals of Hubs for Togetherness and how they can support a blended workforce of onsite and remote employees.

Key learnings:

- How to help employees transition from remote work to being back in the office.

- How to shift to a more agile activity-based working environment.

- How to create spaces to encourage colleagues to stay connected.

- Real testimonial sharing.

How & Where to Create Hubs for Togetherness (30’)

No need to stress! Hubs for Togetherness can be added any and everywhere, no matter how big or small your workspace is. In the series’s third episode, we’ll teach you how to create Hubs for Togetherness in large open spaces, shared co-working offices, satellite offices, and even at home.

Key learnings:

- Real-life case studies.

- Acoustic, design, and creative insights.

- Practical knowledge on how to execute Hubs of Togetherness.

- A walk-through of our product overview and how to utilize different solutions.

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