Reshaping Your Current Office: New Ways to Work

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As new ways of working continue to emerge, these are two major trends to consider when reshaping your current office plan, and how remedies like office dividers and desk partitions can aid in your design.

There are two major trends to consider when reshaping your current office, the first one being able to adapt to the current social distancing protocols to ensure employees have peace of mind when coming in to work. This trend will also be a great way to future-proof your existing space and will allow your workforce to return full time to the office after the pandemic.

There are two major trends to consider when reshaping your current office.

To ensure your office remains a happy and healthy place in which to return, incorporate flexible, efficient, and sustainable solutions to create new break-out zones and work areas that can easily be adjusted and expanded when your full workforce comes back.

Co-workers meeting and collaborating is key for the open-plan office, so turning pre-existing meeting rooms into separate workstations and introducing informal meeting spaces will help to add a bit of zest and keep team morale high. This can easily be done by incorporating office dividers and desk partitions into your existing layout.

Both BuzziScreen and BuzziScreen Mix are extremely flexible as you can choose the number of panels you want by easily attaching them with an industrial zipper. If you’re looking for something more architectural and dynamic when creating safe zones, perhaps BuzziBlinds or BuzziBlinds Classic is better suited for your space. The vertical blinds can twist to create varying degrees of privacy by opening or closing up an area. Additionally, BuzziFalls, available in a standing or suspended version, provides great noise-reduction capabilities while helping employees to feel safe at the office.

Turning communal tables into individual and private workstations can also be achieved with BuzziDesk Cross and BuzziDesk FlipFlop. These flexible acoustic solutions are adjustable and can create varying degrees of privacy while defining multiple work areas.

The second trend to keep in mind when reshaping your current office is that a percentage of your workforce will continue to work from home, which provides an opportunity to combine onsite work with remote work, along with the chance to introduce hot desking. This trend will open up a lot more space in the office to play around with exciting and bold design elements, or even think about renting out some of your unused space to a smaller business.

If desks need to be shared, ensure social distancing protocols can be followed by using desk partitions. Our latest BuzziTripl Family includes the BuzziTripl Desk, BuzziTripl Wrap Desk, and BuzziTripl Desk Split. These simple and easy-to-install desk solutions can be used individually or grouped together to instantly create private workstations for focused work to be done. Made from three layers of felt, the aforementioned acoustic products also serve to mitigate sounds while improving visual privacy. BuzziFrontDesk is another great solution to safeguard employee health and privacy in open areas.

Instead of using intrusive ways to form boundaries within the workspace, it is important to create luscious microenvironments with biophilic design elements. Adding biophilic designs into the office has been scientifically proven to add significant benefits to our health and well-being, on top of seeing an increase in productivity, cognitive ability, creativity, and concentration. BuzziPlanter helps to divide open spaces into luscious green micro-environments, creating calm and peaceful areas to work, gather, and relax.

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