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12 Sustainable acoustic solutions to add to your workspace

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As the design world pushes towards more sustainable means, here are a few acoustic solutions to add to your office to keep your mind (and ears) at ease. 

Sustainability is much more than a buzzword these days. As businesses continue to grow their success, sustainability initiatives have taken a front seat alongside these goals.

While the current pandemic is an exception, most individuals spend more hours at work than they do at home or anywhere else. Creating a sustainable work environment, in turn, creates an enjoyable space for employees to thrive.

We here at BuzziSpace are also mindful of our environmental impact and aim to create effective acoustic solutions for the workspace while lowering our carbon footprint. From the early days of our company, our first BuzziProducts came to life by using recycled and recyclable materials, both of which are good for the planet and good for acoustics.

We aim to create effective acoustic solutions for the workspace while lowering our carbon footprint.

Now our product certifications have grown to include UL GREENGUARD Gold. The latest achievement means our products meet some of the world’s most rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards, and are scientifically proven to help reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure.

To ensure you are creating a happy and healthy workspace for your employees, take a look at some of our sustainable acoustic solutions ranging from desk partitions and office dividers to lighting and panels below.

BuzziPleat Light

This sculptural pendant light created by 13&9 Design doubles as an architectural design piece as well as an acoustical solution, making it the perfect addition to any space. Just like its inherited name, BuzziPleat Light features large pleats, crafted from BuzziFelt, that maximizes surface area while delivering exceptional acoustic performance. Make a statement by suspending numerous BuzziPleat Lights at various heights from the ceiling.


For more general lighting in the office, BuzziMoon is the perfect balance between a functional light source and a proven acoustic ceiling solution. BuzziMoon’s LED module has an output of 2500 lumen at a temperature of 3000K, which is ideal for focus work. Dress BuzziMoon in different fabric options and 3D patterns for an added playful touch to any residential or commercial space.

BuzziFalls & BuzziFalls Standing

BuzziFalls and BuzziFalls Standing are decorative acoustic room dividers that add both an artistic element into the open-plan workspace, and also a layer of privacy.

BuzziFalls can be suspended or mounted from the ceiling. Add the BuzziFalls Rail to allow the panels to slide with ease, which instantly creates separate zones within an area. On the other hand, BuzziFalls Standing offers free-standing capabilities and can be moved around the space to partition off certain areas.

BuzziBlinds & BuzziBlinds Classic

Another free-standing room divider option is BuzziBlinds and BuzziBlinds Classic. Available in four different shapes, these rotating acoustic blinds can easily open and close to allow for varying degrees of privacy. Personalize BuzziBlinds with an extra layer of fabric or add wheels to the baseplate so it can move around. Adding a pop of color to the workspace is simple as well. BuzziBlinds is available in 12 vibrant shades, or choose from 10 different prints from our BuzziFelt Printed catalog.


BuzziLand can be used as a sound-absorbing ceiling or wall-mounted panel, helping to dampen unwanted sounds in the room. Create fun wall art or ceiling displays by placing different shapes and sizes of the BuzziLand next to each other. Additionally, BuzziLand can be outfitted in different fabrics and 3D patterns to your likening.

BuzziWrap Desk

For those looking to create private workstations, BuzziWrap Desk delivers sound-absorbing features while providing a cocoon-like area for focus work to happen. Even visual distractions can be kept out of the spotlight. This versatile office desk partition was created to meet the need for privacy and concentration, without having to sacrifice personal space.

BuzziTripl Family

Our BuzziTripl Family, comprised of the BuzziTripl Home, BuzziTripl Desk Split, BuzziTripl Wrap Desk, and the BuzziTripl Desk, is the latest range of products to receive UL Greenguard Gold Certification. 

The collection of desk and screen solutions can be used both at home or in the office to create areas for focused work to be done, all while keeping everyone happy, healthy, and safe. Additionally, all BuzziTripl Family items are hassle-free and easy to install!

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