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8 office dividers to keep physical distance and create peace of mind

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With just a few remedies, like office dividers and screens, you can transform your office to make employees feel safe and healthy when they reunite at the office.

Welcoming your team back to the office may require some changes to your existing work floor layout –but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a costly affair. With just a few remedies, you can transform your office to make employees feel safe and healthy.

Earlier, we shared a similar post, focusing on how desk partitions can help support social distancing, but depending on the setup of your workspace, you may want to take a different approach or even combine different solutions. For instance, have you considered office dividers and screens?

Flexible and versatile office dividers and screens will do an excellent job maintaining social distance.

These are great alternatives or add-ons to desk partitions –not just acoustically, but also in terms of health and safety, aiding the prevention of spreading harmful viruses throughout the workspace.

So, forget about having to build floor-to-ceiling partitions and recreating private offices as these flexible and versatile office dividers and screens will do an excellent job maintaining social distance or if you just want to create a private cocoon at home for focused work.

— BuzziPlanter

On the surface, BuzziPlanter is an upholstered, colorful pot made from high-density foam. But do not be fooled. The acoustic product helps to divide open spaces into luscious green micro-environments, creating calm and peaceful areas to work, gather, and relax.

On top of being an office divider, BuzziPlanter's other superpower is absorbing excessive noise in open spaces, creating healthier environments for people to thrive. Additionally, BuzziPlanter adds a biophilic design element into any chosen area, which is proven to have positive effects on our cognition, stress levels, and blood sugar levels, and will enhance productivity and creative thinking in the process.

Arriving in six different size variations, BuzziPlanter is a simple, yet effective, addition to any workspace. 

BuzziSpace buzziplanter acoustic room divider table planter biophilia

BuzziScreen & BuzziScreen Mix

Both BuzziScreen and BuzziScreen Mix are extremely flexible as you can choose the number of panels you want to add and easily attach them with the iconic, industrial zipper.

Divide spaces into safe zones and distinct areas separated from their nearby environments. Fold it in and out to fit the desired setup and opt for one or different heights in a range of colors and prints or a combination of the two.

The tackable surface creates a fun pin-board effect for tacking notes, memos, or a greeting card welcoming your team back to the office.

BuzziBlinds & BuzziBlinds Classic

If you’re looking for something more architectural and dynamic to creating safe zones, perhaps BuzziBlinds or BuzziBlinds Classic are better suited for your space.

This versatile office divider allows users to interact with the design. The vertical blinds can twist to partition spaces and create varying degrees of privacy, opening or closing a space. This feature makes BuzziBlinds very practical even beyond the post-corona time, and with the added wheel option, you can really take BuzziBlinds anywhere.

The rotating blinds are covered in sound-absorbing felt that ensure acoustic performance from all sides. With internal air gaps, the S-shaped aluminum fins are specifically engineered to capture sound waves, thereby helping reduce sound transfers between zones.

Now, your team can feel both safe and work uninterrupted.

BuzziFalls (Standing)

BuzziFalls, available in a standing or suspended version, is made of BuzziFelt, thereby providing great noise-reduction capabilities and, mainly, mitigating high-frequency tones originating from colleagues’ chatter, typing or ringing sounds.

With a wide of biophilic and geometric patterns, you can determine how open or closed a space should be. Browse through the different cut-outs to find the perfect match for your space while helping make employees feel safe.

Alternatively, install BuzziFalls using the rail system, which enables that panels to slide with ease, creating movable room dividers that shift from private to public space. Perfect for social distancing.

BuzziCactus and BuzziPlant

Sound absorption, design, and a surface you can stick pins onto. These are common characteristics for both BuzziCactus and BuzziPlant that help bring nature closer –even when you’re inside.

Choose from several different models to brighten up your space and create a fun and informal atmosphere for your team to return to. Meanwhile, these nature-inspired office dividers also contribute to an acoustically well-balanced space, creating both safe and functional zones where employees can work uninterrupted and feel sheltered from further spreading of viruses.  

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