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8 desk partitions for social distancing when returning to the office

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Get ideas on how to create an office environment where employees will feel safe and healthy when they return to the office.

The coronavirus is changing our reality, our habits, and inevitably, our ways of working. Although still in quarantine, more and more companies are beginning to wonder how they can prepare for the time employees are returning to the office.

Every organization wants to create an environment that’s safe and healthy. That’s why now is a good time to look for solutions that will support social distancing, without moving away from the connected, open spaces architects and designers have been creating.

Naturally, sanitizer, hand wipes, and new cleaning protocols are necessary measures that organizations worldwide are taking.

Now is a good time to look for solutions that will support social distancing, without moving away from the connected, open spaces architects and designers have been creating.

Solutions like desk partitions are quick and easy to install while improving the feeling of working in a safe and healthy environment. At the same time, they help maintain that sense of collaboration and togetherness that is so important to feel good and happy.

In today's office reality, where existing desk spacing is often less than 6 feet apart, we share 7 desk partitions that will help you prepare for social distancing in the office.

BuzziTripl Desk: simple and private desk solution

Create your own private sphere with BuzziTripl Desk. With a straightforward design, made of three layers of felt, this new desk solution helps improve visual and acoustic privacy, so you can better concentrate at the office. Meanwhile, it also delineates spaces, creating safe zones and peace of mind in the office.

Similar to the other desk solutions, BuzziTripl is easy to install and can be ordered with a fix to connect several desk dividers. Use individually or group them to create multiple workstations.

BuzziTripl WrapDesk: a nest to focus

BuzziTripl Wrap Desk converts any regular desk into a more private workstation, away from distractions, as it wraps around your desk. It will help you concentrate better while being sheltered from the crowds. Take your pick from different shapes to create your private cocoon.

Like the rest of the BuzziTripl family, this desk solution is made of three layers of felt, providing sound-absorbing features both front and back. At the same time, it helps declutter a space, concealing the cable cord clutter, which typically hangs off the rear of a desk.

BuzziTripl Desk Split: easily divide any desk into two workstations

BuzziTripl Desk Split is a simple desk partition that divides any table into two workstations.

Made from three layers of felt, BuzziTripl Desk Split helps to reduce noise so employees can concentrate and focus at work. Combine it with BuzziTripl Desk to achieve a nesting feeling. Choose the color and shape that best matches your needs and décor.

BuzziWrap FrontDesk: enclosed privacy

With its large front panel and bent sides, BuzziWrap FrontDesk will help you convert any regular desktop into a more private workstation. It will not only shield out noise and distractions but also hamper the transmission of harmful viruses spreading by coughing and talking.

Easily attach it to almost any desk –even your home office desk to create a private nook. Apart from its acoustic benefits, it will also help declutter your space by hiding the cable chaos, which typically hangs off the rear of a desk.

BuzziDesk Cross: divide by four

BuzziDesk Cross instantly transforms any meeting or communal table into four individual workstations. To allow for extra space, and ensure a safe distance between workers, consider placing them diagonally. This way, employees will maintain connectivity with coworkers while also having a private zone.

The best part of BuzziDesk Cross is that you can personalize the setup, choosing from a wide variety of colors and upholstery fabrics. The soft surface has the added functionality of a pinboard, so you can keep track of to-do’s and notes.

BuzziWrap Desk: on mute

Similar to BuzziWrap FrontDesk, BuzziWrap Desk creates a cocoon-like feeling at any workstation. The bent shields can be placed on both or just one side depending on how closed or open the desk setup should be. While covering any cable cord clutter on the back of the table, this screen covers only half the height of a desk, which allows more light into the space.

BuzziFrontDesk: screen off distractions

To stay safe, you don’t have to barricade your employees in an enclosed space when returning to the office. BuzziFrontDesk safeguards their health and privacy in open areas.

Compared to BuzziWrap FrontDesk, this solution is more open without the shields on the sides, yet it still provides excellent sound-absorbing features both front and back. With internal air gaps, the honeycomb cardboard core captures sound waves, helping reduce sound transfer from other workstations. Pick your favorite color or match it with the hues of your brand identity.

BuzziDesk Flipflop: flexible and fun

Returning to the office after weeks and months of working from home may require adaptation –some might have to get used to working at the office again. Therefore, make sure to keep it flexible and fun. BuzziDesk FlipFlop can help you do just that. This moveable and foldable desk divider allows professionals to create private spaces instantly.

The adjustable side flaps help create varying degrees of privacy. Use individually or place several together in a zig-zag manner to define multiple workstations.

Any of these five solutions are great options to create an environment where professionals can feel safe and healthy –and still be connected with colleagues. In the end, building community and strengthening relations are critical factors to a­ happy workplace. It’s not only about the work you do, but what you do and who you do it with.

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