Sopoteka: A library to focus and feel at home in Poland

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Take a look at this modern library designed to meet the needs of better focus, achieved by using our noise-reducing BuzziSolutions.

The Sopoteka is a multimedia library located in the new shopping mall and train station of Sopot, Poland. It is designed as an answer to the demand for libraries equipped with modern hardware, professional software, e-books, and access to global databases. Sikora Wnetrza architects got their inspiration from the unbridled, open essence of Sopot and nature penetrating the city. The subtleness of the sea beach, the succulent green of the woods and the sentimental elements which are characteristic for the Sopot landscape.

The architect chose for BuzziSpace to add to this atmosphere. The BuzziHub by Alain Gilles is inspired by beach cabins, and this is exactly what the architect was looking for to make a connection with the wicker beach chairs that you can find along the Baltic Sea. Thanks to the BuzziHub and BuzziBooth, every visitor can find a spot to disconnect or to socialize and feel at home.

For the library, BuzziBooth is upholstered with a 100% recycled fabric in natural color with a white laminate worktop. The integrated backlight creates ambient as well as functional lighting. Both BuzziHub and BuzziBooth have inclined sides and roofs with 3D patterns to maximize sound diffusion and to dampen the outside sounds. These acoustic cells can be used as a temporary workstation or meeting space and can create secluded areas in an open space.

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