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8 BuzziSolutions to upgrade your home office

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To make your home office as comfortable as possible, we're sharing a few ideas that will help you create a good setup, accommodating your new work-from-home routine.

#1 BuzziPicNic Side Low

No more working at the dining table. One way to keep your work separate from the rest of the time you spend at home is to install a dedicated setup where you can keep your laptop, notes, and everything else that's work-related. BuzziPicNic Side Low is a great option. This compact version provides all the benefits as the bigger BuzziPicNic tables despite it's small size.

#2 BuzziMilk Stool

This little wood stool helps create a warm and pleasant vibe. Suddenly, you will feel anywhere, but at work....even at home. Choose from a range of wood options and upholstery fabrics to match your existing interior. Meet the complete BuzziMilk family, available in different heights to fit your preferred way of working.

#3 BuzziCube

This acoustic pouf won't steal the show in your home interior. Visually, it's presence will be unnoticable, but you might hear the difference. Made from soft acoustic foam, it makes sitting a pleasure for both ears and bottom. Pick your favorite color and 3D pattern to create your own, unique BuzziCube.

#4 BuzziMood

Stay in touch with nature as you work from home by bringing in BuzziMood. With its lush, botanical appearance, this graphic acoustic solution promotes a more relaxed and calm atmosphere. Stay happy, stay healthy!

#5 BuzziMirage

Every guide with tips and tricks on how to work from home will tell you to get up and dress as if you would go to work. Installing BuzziMirage at home, you can keep up your good looks and check out yourself in the mirror from time to time. Now, you can't blame your coworker for not telling you about that piece of spinach between your teeth.

#6 BuzziTripl Home

BuzziTripl Home is a freestanding desk and room partition, made of three layers of felt, that can be used together (or separately) to create a temporary office at home. Specially designed with today’s compact homes in mind, both BuzziTripl Home Low and BuzziTripl Home High are foldable and lightweight, making for convenient storage, whether it be in the closet or under a bed.

#7 BuzziCane

With its woven cane back, wood base, and luscious upholstery, BuzziCane sofa will bring a fresh, vintage-inspired look into your home office. The informal design welcomes guests with its friendly feel, and will easily become your next perfect place for catching up on reports. 

#8 BuzziPlank

BuzziPlank is a sleek and simple shelf carved from solid wood that hangs from the wall, making it an elegant addition to your home workspace. The handy shelf is a great spot to place important notebooks, small plants, and decorative items to help create an inspiring space. 

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