Designing workspaces for today’s professionals: tips and inspiration

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Be inspired by several setups for silence, rest and relaxation, togetherness, virtual collaboration, and versatility.

According to a recent study from Capital One, mental well-being – apart from physical well-being - is an increasing priority for today’s professionals when choosing an employer. Employees treasure flexibility and adaptability, not only in terms of their work schedules but also in their workspaces. And now, more than ever, they want to feel safe, too.

A variety of spaces for different activities and tasks boosts their happiness, creativity, and productivity.

These findings are not surprising. The question is, what can designers, space planners, and architects do to accommodate these needs and requirements for keeping physical distance, without compromising on design, function, and aesthetics?

77% of respondents agree they perform better at work when they have spaces for collaboration in the workplace, and 88% say that a space for focused, heads-down work helps them perform better.

Design for silence, rest, and relaxation

When asked about which elements would increase professionals’ satisfaction at work, almost half of the respondents said they prioritize quiet spaces to be able to focus on the task at hand and areas for relaxation, without being disturbed by co-workers.

Gensler’s 2020 Workplace Survey supports these findings. Open-space layouts with flexible seating and instant access to private areas overall perform best.

Enclosed privacy booths, like BuzziHub, BuzziBooth, and BuzziHive, are perfect solutions to create these private spaces. But why not think out of the box with BuzziSpark? This versatile, acoustic sofa provides the perfect backdrop for a moment of relaxation and sense of protection as the shields surround the user. Or imagine an acoustic lighting pendant having the same impact. BuzziShade XXL, for example, creates a cocoon-like feeling. Combined with soft seating, it’s the ultimate comfort zone, blending light and silence, where you can drift away thinking about your next big idea.

Design for togetherness

Happiness is spending time with the people you like, also at work. That’s probably why professionals deeply value collaborative spaces. BuzziTable offers, like no other, plenty of space to gather around for team meetings or just for lunch or quick catch-ups over a coffee. Make only a few seats available to ensure physical distance as you gather around the table, and easily add more chairs once more people in the space is allowed.

Hover a cluster of BuzziCone pendants above the table to lower the ceiling visually and create a more intimate atmosphere. The large surface of BuzziCone’s felt body creates an acoustically well-balanced space to keep focus and level up your teamwork.

Design for virtual collaboration

One of the other findings in Gensler’s Workplace Survey highlights the need for spaces that support virtual collaboration through calls and video conferences, as this way of working is gaining speed with more and more people working from home and only a few people being let back in the office

While most standard, enclosed meeting rooms are built to not disturb others and not being disturbed, they may also create a sense of disconnection, making workers feel isolated.

With BuzziVille Club, you can create meeting spaces that minimize the noise and maximize the feeling of being connected. It comes with the option of electrification and the possibility of adding a TV screen to accommodate virtual meetings. The upholstered shields of BuzziVille limit sound transfers, so you won’t disturb others.

Design for versatility

Increasingly, people have the choice of where to work. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to gain insights into their desired work setup and consequently, design versatile spaces that suit everyone. Surprisingly or not, most people actually rate the office as their preferred place to work, but with one major caveat: the office must be designed to support their work and make them feel safe and valued.

BuzziBracks accommodates the need for flexibility and different ways of working in a great way. This lightweight modular unit system provides you with the possibility to create a variety of setups within an existing area. Handy for quick meetings or some focused work. The drapery adds softness to the aluminum frame while providing a visual and acoustic shield to avoid distractions and still stay connected with co-workers.

Browse the inspiration pages to discover alternative ways to create spaces for silence, rest, and relaxation, togetherness, virtual collaboration, and versatility. Have fun!


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