BuzziBooth: A safe haven

Stop running from noisy and crowded spaces. This acoustic phone booth and workstation recreates privacy in open offices, offering you a moment of peace and quiet.


Soundproof workstation

Made of sound-insulating felt that dampens outside sound for private phone calls and focused work.

Reminiscent of the public phone booth or the typical small, wooden beach cabin. Available in a variety of colors and fabrics with the added option of customizing different color combinations.


Microarchitecture for maxi spaces

Acoustics : Tone it down

Acoustic Absorption

Maximum Absorption

Acoustic Attenuation

Maximum Attenuation

The soft edges and round shapes help to diffuse sound even better while the tilted roof and non-parallel walls prevent sound propagation inside the booth. The entire cocoon, upholstered with acoustic foam, soaks up sound waves, resulting in more internal privacy and less background noise from the outside world.

Acoustic performance

Image of Low Tones

Low Tones

Image of Mid Tones

Mid Tones

Image of High Tones

High Tones

PR_MediatekaSopocie_PL_BuzziBooth_5000 (crop)

Need CAD files?

Our online product configurator enables you to design your own BuzziBooth and download it as an AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3DS or Revit file.

About the designer : Alain Gilles

Alain Gilles started designing for BuzziSpace in 2009. Since then his portfolio has grown immensely, continuing to create solutions that push the boundaries of work and life.
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Interact or focus

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