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8 Solutions for Privacy While Creating a Sense of Togetherness

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Easily create an island of calm in an open-plan office with our sound-absorbing privacy booths, perfect for private calls, virtual meetings, temporary focus work, and more.

With more and more employees heading back to the office, it’s important to cater to the hybrid environment that encourages both virtual and traditional ways of working. Creating a sense of togetherness can be applied when creating zones for both soft and hard work, especially areas for privacy.

We understand that finding a quiet space in a busy or open-plan office can be challenging, especially if you need to take a private call, hold a virtual meeting, or need a spot to do some focus work. To combat this, easily create an island of calm in an open-plan office with our sound-absorbing privacy booths, designed for smaller meetings or as a spot to brainstorm!

Our versatile range of acoustic privacy booths span from being semi-open to completely closed, so you can decide which solution fits into your working environment. Place more than one privacy booth near each other to easily create Hubs of Togetherness as you work apart together. This will support safe and informal meeting areas as well in your workspace.

Find the perfect acoustic privacy booth for your workspace below.

BuzziNest Booth & Pod

Instantly create silent workspaces anywhere with BuzziNest Booth and Pod, our most private privacy booths to date. Due to its upholstered exterior and fabric panels on the interior, these compact solutions block sound inside and out to create maximum peace and quiet, making them great alternatives to expensive infrastructure.

The compact acoustic privacy Booth for 1 offers a private space to work and take calls, while BuzziNest Pod allows up to 4 people to hold face-to-face meetings and collaborations in any open space without disturbing others, and most importantly, being disturbed.

Not sure it will fit into your space? You can choose from over 90 high-quality fabrics and felts and three different frame colors to suit your current décor. And because of its built-in castors, BuzziNest can be moved to a new spot in the office in no time.


For something a little more open, BuzziBooth provides a safe haven from noisy and crowded spaces. This part acoustic booth/part workstation offers a perfect spot for peace and quiet to get focus work done. 

Because of its sound-insulating felt, sound waves are effectively absorbed, resulting in more internal privacy and less background noise.


Looking for a simple and effective way to create privacy areas or stand-up workstations? The extremely functional BuzziHug perfectly balances between being a semi-enclosed privacy booth as well as an individual stand-up workstation. With occupancy for one, the semi-enclosed acoustic solution additionally provides a private workspace while guaranteeing physical distance, so you can continue to work together apart.

Looking to elevate your workspace? Combine more than one BuzziHug to divide open spaces to create a visually stunning atmosphere all while absorbing sound.


For something a little more open and informal, BuzziHub is a great privacy booth solution to be alone or to hold private meetings. This temporary workstation has no boundaries and aids in creating privacy in an open-planned office while offering employees a place to escape from their sometimes crowded or noisy surroundings.

Combine it with our BuzziHub Table for that ultimate place to check emails and get some focus work done. 


BuzziRing is our smallest work hub to date. This powerful, wall-mounted acoustic work cocoon is both a perfect spot to get some focus work done, take a quick call, or even hold an informal meeting.

Due to its upholstered foam body, BuzziRing effectively absorbs soundwaves from the outside and inside so you don’t have to worry about distractions or your conversation being heard by others.


Looking for something more simple and unobtrusive? BuzziHood can easily be mounted on the wall to create a quick spot to pick up your phone. And no need to worry about anyone hearing your conversation, BuzziHood’s sound-absorbing qualities ensure that your private talks remain private.

Designed with openwork environments in mind, the solution's tilted roof and non-parallel walls prevent sound propagation inside it, while acoustic foam soaks up sound waves for more internal privacy.


For a perfect acoustic sanctuary, encase yourself in BuzziCocoon. The acoustic powerhouse doubles as a desk divider and telephone booth, ensuring your workspace has ample ways to remain acoustically balanced.

The simple standalone solution can work in any space, including offices and libraries. Place a few BuzziCocoons together to form a perfect Hubs for Togetherness setup that allows employees to work apart together while retaining acoustic and visual privacy. Or simply use BuzziCocoon to create a small and temporary workspace.

BuzziTripl Cockpit

Crafted from three layers of our hero BuzziFelt, BuzziTripl Cockpit reduces noise so you can establish a quiet and private area for concentration. The acoustic solution is easy to install and can be placed on any existing workstation or communal table. Or position more than one BuzziTripl Cockpit near each other to form a Hub for Togetherness so employees can work apart together.

The flexible and lightweight BuzziTripl Cockpit is a simple add-on to any workspace destination, including co-shared offices, libraries, airports, and even hotel lobbies. Additionally, a functional cutout at the back allows chargers to run through without clutter, so you can keep your laptop and smartphone powered.

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