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Keys to a Successful Hybrid Office

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Your hybrid office should reflect your company’s way of working and should therefore include building blocks from both Softwork and Hardwork.

The building blocks that we have defined will not only provide an attractive and appealing workspace to return to, but they will also help maintain company culture, employee performance, and retention, all while building upon a sense of togetherness.

Your hybrid office should reflect your company’s way of working and should therefore include building blocks from both Softwork and Hardwork.

Your hybrid office should reflect your company’s way of working.

For a successful hybrid office, it’s also important to think about introverts and extroverts within the company in order to create a smooth transition for both groups to help them recalibrate in returning to the office. However, not all building blocks will be necessary for every given workspace.

The Building Blocks:



(Collaboration/Communication) Open workspaces that support communication, impromptu meetings, and spontaneous conversations. It can include informal meeting setups and semi-private workspaces.


A spot for employees to relax, find inspiration and decompress. Ensure there are soft seating elements present.


Zones for breaks and chitchatting. It can also include informal working areas and lounge spaces.



A place for employees to catch up on emails, prepare for a meeting, or get some focus work done. It can include individual workstations and spontaneous flex work areas


Quiet areas for concentration. Incorporate privacy booths and phone booths.


Hold conferences, confidential conversations, or strategy sessions. Includes comfortable seating, workstations, acoustic panels, and lighting. Adding extra visual privacy here will also cater to those colleagues still virtually connecting with their peers from home.

You'll also need Interzonal Xings (Silent Crossings), where employees can walk around without disturbing others. A buffer between different zones.

Things to Consider!

Complementary to your building blocks, each zone should:

Be Acoustically Balanced

An acoustically balanced space, devoid of excessive background noise and distractions from chatty colleagues, will significantly improve employee concentration, productivity, happiness, and well-being.

Include Acoustic Lighting

Our acoustic lighting solutions can help manage noise levels while providing adequate lighting for either focused work or an ambient setting. Remember, it's important to consider acoustic lighting as part of your initial design process and should not be an afterthought.

Incorporate Color and Biophilic Elements

To further elevate your workspace, introducing colors and biophilic-inspired elements will positively impact how your employees work and feel at the office. Moreover, the uniqueness of your hybrid office lies in the variety of different colors, textures, and materials you can choose.

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