The University of Wyoming Creates Me & We Spaces for Its Students

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On top of fighting poor acoustics, these areas provide productive and comfortable spaces so students can thrive.

Our BuzziSpace acoustic solutions not only fight poor acoustics in the office and hospitality sector, but they also help create acoustically-balanced spaces for educational institutions.

Recently the University of Wyoming added a selection of our lauded BuzziSpace acoustic products into its common areas and study spaces so students can thrive.

Take a closer look below at the project.

BuzziSpark, designed in collaboration with Alain Gilles, works perfectly in open spaces to create an acoustic getaway for students to rest or catch up with friends without any distractions from background noise. BuzziSpark also works as a spot for both staff and students to hold study sessions or get some work done between classes.

BuzziMe also provides a spot for students and staff alike to unwind, refine their notes, or watch some videos between courses. Several BuzziMes placed together can also create a space for students to hold study sessions or meetings.

Lastly, BuzziFree is used to provide privacy for workstations in semi-open spaces. This allows students to study without being distracted by the added noise.

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