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Color Revelations: Elevate Your Space With Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023

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Easily incorporate “Viva Magenta” inspired acoustic solutions into your interiors.

In December 2022, global color authority Pantone revealed its 2023 Color of the Year selection: “Viva Magenta”. Officially named “Viva Magenta Pantone 18-1750,” the chosen color symbolizes strength and optimism as countries continue to open up after three years of the pandemic.

The Pantone Color Institute’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman explained in an announcement that this year’s color is all about connecting with nature and looking forward to the future. The color “encourages self-expression without restraint, is dynamic and electrifying” while the energy of “Viva Magenta” will help “get us over this next hurdle — wherever it takes us.” Eiseman continued, “Those words will help to take us into the future and get away from any of the concerns that we might still have. And we do. COVID-19 hasn’t gone away entirely. It gives us the energy to balance what has happened and where we are going in the future.”

BuzziSpace BuzziCee Acoustic seating sofa

Looking for ways to introduce the vim and vigour of the “Viva Magenta”-inspired hue into your workspaces and interiors while improving acoustics? Then our selection of acoustic solutions might be what you’re looking for. Additionally, make sure to discover our range of felts and fabrics.

Add some “Viva Magenta” inspired hues into your interiors now.

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