BuzziDisk: An elevated LED panel

For the minimalist lovers out there, BuzziDisk is our Buzzi take on the round LED panel, which features our signature upholstered finish and details.


Add a BuzziTouch to your space. BuzziDisk can be upholstered in a wide range of colors and fabric finishes to match your existing decor, additionally adding vibrancy and warmth to your workspace.

Multidimensional effects

Choose between suspended or ceiling-mounted to liven up your work area or mix the two variants for a multidimensional ceiling. BuzziDisk can also be made to order; configure the lighting solution to your needs based on the color lumen, temperature, dimming systems, and more.

All in the details

We’ve thought of everything. The upholstered ring securely fits around the product with magnets for a sleek finish.

Add BuzziDisk to your workspace

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