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12 Lighting Solutions That Will Create a Sense of Togetherness

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Find the perfect lighting solution, whether it be for a reception area, collaboration zone, meeting spot, or social space.

Creating Hubs for Togetherness is the perfect opportunity for employers and business owners to reimagine their interiors into a community-driven area. Utilizing adequate lighting in colors outside of the traditional neutral chromatic atmospheres, like grey, will positively impact how your employees and customers feel in the space.

Therefore, it is essential to consider acoustic lighting as part of the initial design process. Below is a curated selection of our lauded lighting solutions that will work well in the hospitality sector, collaboration zones, meeting spots, and social spaces while fostering a sense of togetherness.

Hospitality Sector & Educational Sphere

Acoustic lighting is not just limited to office spaces, it also provides excellent benefits for interiors within the hospitality sector and educational sphere. Why not add some whimsical designs that will not only catch the eyes of your customers and clients but will also provide an acoustically balanced space so they can feel welcomed and at ease?

BuzziChip features a unique curved design that will instantly elevate your space. The solution can be upholstered in a variety of colors and fabric finishes to suit your brand’s DNA. Another alternative is our avant-garde BuzziPleat Light Edel Long which is handcrafted with sustainable materials. 

BuzziSpace Buzzichip acoustic lighting retrofit globe spot
BuzziSpace Buzzichip acoustic lighting retrofit globe spot

Collaboration Zones

In-person collaborations have been cited as one of the major aspects employees miss while working remotely. To ensure your staff is eager to return to the office to collaborate face-to-face, an acoustically balanced space, devoid of excessive background noise and distractions from chatty colleagues, will significantly improve employee productivity and happiness.

BuzziShade, BuzziDome, and BuzziShield Light are popular choices for open spaces. Not only do they suit large-scale settings, but they both also help to minimize unwanted sounds traveling through the room.

Meeting Areas

Tired of stuffy and cold meeting rooms? Instantly elevate your meeting areas with an acoustic lighting solution. The sleek and elegant lines of our acoustic lighting offerings will help boost the look of your meeting room, while additionally absorbing excessive noise so you can get down to business with very few distractions.

BuzziJet XXL, BuzziZepp Light, or BuzziProp Beam suit nicely in large meeting spaces and can be upholstered in a range of fabrics and colors to help you find the perfect balance between functional lighting and a conversational art piece. Additionally, opt for BuzziSol Trio or Quintet for a minimalist yet architectural look.

BuzziSpace Buzziprop acoustic lighting retrofit globe spot

Social and Relaxation Spaces

Social and relaxation spaces also need to be acoustically balanced so employees can enjoy their interactions and be able to fully recharge before a daunting task. Try adding some playful acoustic elements such as our popular BuzziPleat Light or whimsical BuzziHat. For something a little more flexible, BuzziJet Standing requires no installation and can be positioned in various locations. BuzziJet Standing can also dim to create different atmospheres.

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