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Color Revelations: Reds & Pinks

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Valentine Hues to Help Freshen up Your Workspace.

For companies and employees looking to create a sleek and well-designed workspace with pops of color, a range of our acoustic solutions can be upholstered in a variety of different shades to satisfy both your décor and brand identity.

Studies have shown that being exposed to specific colors in the workspace can improve productivity, promote creativity, and encourage honesty.

Because of Valentine’s Day, for our latest Color Revelations installment we look to red and pink hues.

From vibrant fuchsia pinks to deep reds like burgundy, let’s see how incorporating these red and pink shades into your space can help company culture and employee performance.

Red: Stimulates and excites employees and helps enforce ideas during group interactions. Very strong attention-grabbing characteristics and is best used as an accent.

Burgundy: Associated with strength, dignity, and longevity.

Pink: Has a relaxing effect on employees. Light pastel pinks suit multiple workspaces that need a bit of color without overpowering any existing décor or overwhelming the eyes.

Take a look at some of our projects below for more inspiration. Additionally, make sure to discover more of our felts and fabrics.

Add a pop of color now.

To improve your company’s atmosphere, find the colors that work for you.
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