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Solutions to Create Hubs for Togetherness

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Hubs for Togetherness is our creative philosophy that defines and stimulates ways of hybrid working. So, what do we have to consider when creating Hubs for Togetherness for employees coming back to the office eager to experience that spirit?

1. Well-Defined Zoning and Visual Privacy

When re-imaging your workspace as a community building, it is crucial to consider functional zoning. Not only due to social distancing protocols but also to stimulate your employees to use the refurbished space with the correct functionality. These well-defined zones will allow your employees to properly connect face-to-face without disturbing others, while extra visual privacy will cater to those colleagues still virtually connecting with their peers working from home.

Office dividers will help you define different zones in your workspace by creating sufficient distance between workstations, informal meeting rooms, and break-out areas, in addition to producing a natural flow while moving around the office.

Hubs for Togetherness is our creative philosophy that defines and stimulates ways of hybrid working

2. An Acoustically Balanced Space

As many employees are eager to return to the office to socialize, engage, and meet their colleagues, acoustics should not be an afterthought and should be considered at the start of every design project.

An acoustically balanced space, devoid of excessive background noise and distractions from chatty colleagues, will significantly improve employee concentration, productivity, happiness, and wellbeing for those still trying to get focus work done when coming into the office.

3. Importance of Adequate Lighting, Biophilic Design and Color

Creating Hubs for Togetherness is the perfect opportunity for employers and business owners to reimagine their workspace into a community-driven space. Incorporating biophilic-inspired elements, utilizing adequate lighting, and introducing colors outside of the traditional neutral chromatic atmospheres, like grey, will positively impact how your employees work and feel at the office. Therefore, it is important to consider nature-inspired acoustic solutions and acoustic lighting as part of the initial design. Moreover, the uniqueness of your bespoke Hubs for Togetherness lies in the variety of different colors, textures, and materials you can choose.

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