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10 Items to Create the Perfect Outdoor & Biophilic-Inspired Workspace

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Increase concentration and productivity with nature-inspired settings.

As part of the workforce continues to work from home, while others are able to return to the office, this has created new variations of the workplace to surface. As the workspace continues to be ever-changing these days, one increasing trend has become more prominent: creating outdoor and biophilic-inspired work settings.

An outdoor workspace could be the perfect solution for employees looking to connect with nature while getting some focus work done, and has scientifically been proven to increase concentration and productivity while having an overall positive effect on our health and well-being.

However, for those who live in an apartment or for companies that don’t have a large outdoor space, a great alternative is to bring nature in by introducing outdoor and biophilic-inspired elements into the working environment.

As many continue to look for more nature-based integration, below are a few biophilic and nature-inspired solutions to help you create your perfect indoor/outdoor workspace and luscious microenvironments.

And for those looking to take their work outside, here are 6 Items to Create the Perfect Outdoor Workspace.


Adding in bold green tones and low-maintenance greenery is the easiest step in creating a nature-inspired environment. BuzziMood, created from preserved reindeer moss, is a perfect alternative for conventional noise-control solutions. This graphic option promotes a relaxed and calm atmosphere wherever you decide to get work done. 

Along with mitigating noise, BuzziMood serves as a natural air humidity indicator and requires no watering!


Place BuzziPlanter around your work area for an added dose of nature and an interesting pop of color, while helping to create various luscious green microenvironments to work, gather, and relax. The biophilic office divider is made from high-density foam which allows it to absorb excessive noise in open spaces, creating healthier environments for people to thrive.

Incorporating plants can also help to increase concentration, boost your mood, and reduce stress while working.

Don’t have a green thumb? Low-maintenance plants, such as a snake or spider plant, are also a great and fun alternative! They additionally help to eliminate toxins and pollutants in the air while releasing oxygen.

BuzziCactus & BuzziPlant

If real plants are too troublesome, BuzziCactus and BuzziPlant are great alternatives. These charming free-standing office dividers are created with a structural honeycomb cardboard core and covered in acoustic foam, offering up sound absorption while adding a playful design element to any workspace. To make it your own, stick pins and notes into them for an added personal touch.


BuzziBreeze is an upgraded farm table that can either be placed indoors or outdoors to create the perfect collaborative space or a spot to unwind. The versatile system pushes the boundaries of what a workspace should be today, and can configure to suit your design needs. 

BuzziSkin Printed

Easily add a dose of color and pattern with BuzziSkin Printed, which arrives in three nature-inspired prints that are sure to elevate dull, white office walls. Options include the Jungle Print and two foliage variations. BuzziSkin and BuzziSkin Printed are excellent solutions for reducing noise in hallways, classrooms, and meeting rooms, where the human voice can carry.

BuzziFalls & BuzziFalls Standing

On top of adding a bit of green into your workspace, our decorative acoustic BuzziFalls and BuzziFalls Standing office dividers help to add a layer of privacy. The dual-layered BuzziFelt can be precision-cut into a range of biophilic and geometric patterns. You can also add a dose of color into your workspace by using BuzziFelt Printed, which features three nature-inspired prints to suit your décor.


Looking for a more unconventional option to create an outdoor-inspired work area? BuzziJungle is a playful vertical conversation tower that allows you to climb, meet, and lounge with co-workers, all while pushing the boundaries of what a traditional workspace should look like.


Another way to create an outdoor atmosphere indoors is with the BuzziPicNic. The range includes a variety of table shapes and sizes, and offers versatile options that can be used to have meetings, do work, or enjoy free time with your colleagues. The skillfully carved out cutouts and integrated electrification outlet allows you to keep your laptop and phone charged up. 

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