BuzziBreeze: Work out

Let's have an outdoor and relaxed vibe while working. This exterior workstation meets the collaboration needs of the modern workplace. Move outside and experience its advantages.

Designed with fresh air in mind

Our love for outdoors inspired us to create BuzziBreeze. With a modern take on the traditional farm table, the BuzziBreeze is a striking design, simple yet highly functional. Integrating both work and social space, this versatile outdoor system provides new options for how and where work gets done.

Summer vibes

What’s more, BuzziBreeze fits just perfectly under the BuzziShed. This perfectly designed environment allows you to take your work outside.

No space outside? Create an outdoor area indoor. This is the opportunity to add a zest of nature in the workspace. BuzziBreeze is highly customizable as it is offered in modular sizing, with a variety of lengths.

De plus, BuzziBreeze s'intègre parfaitement sous l'abri BuzziShed. Cet environnement parfaitement conçu vous permet de travailler à l'extérieur.

Pas d'espace à l'extérieur ? Créez un espace extérieur à l'intérieur. C'est l'occasion d'ajouter un zeste de nature dans l'espace de travail. BuzziBreeze est hautement personnalisable car il est proposé en taille modulaire, avec une variété de longueurs.

Pushing the boundaries of today’s workplace

Need CAD files?

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Configure your BuzziBreeze

No more stuffy office on summer days

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