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Ideas to help you bring the outdoors indoors

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Easily maintain the sunny, happy vibes with green and nature-inspired designs.

Summertime makes people happy and energetic. Soaking up some vitamin D can set a joyful atmosphere in the streets as well as in the work environment. It not only boosts your mood, but nature and greenery have also shown to play a crucial role in our happiness and productivity at work.

With summer ending and fall arriving, we can help you maintain the sunny, happy vibes with our green and nature-inspired designs while absorbing the gloomy sounds of falling leaves.

Layering in bold green tones is a good first step towards creating a nature-inspired environment, but why not go all the way with our new BuzziMood, which is made of moss that absorbs sound by nature?

Or, add a dose of color and pattern with BuzziSkin Printed in one of three nature-inspired prints, which are sure to enliven dull, white office walls. The Jungle Print motif will have you feeling like you’re on a tropical vacation in Costa Rica, without the mosquito bites and cricket sounds, while offering sound absorption to reduce all that excess noise.

Using an unconventional desk can bring a dose of fun and happy feelings to the workspace. There are various ways of integrating a summery atmosphere into your office. Get inspired with a few solutions below, from BuzziPlant and BuzziTotem and BuzziLight and BuzziBalance in bright colors!

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