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Color Confessions: Mix & Match

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A short guide with 3 tips for creating bold and fresh color combinations that will make your interior stand out!

From cars, home goods to interior design, color usage impacts every industry around the world. Because it’s so influential on our buying behavior, a lot of stock is put into the color choices companies make. These are often based on trend and color reports. But why move in the same direction as everyone else? Why not break free from conventions?

To help you move past the obvious color choices and color combinations, we’ve collected a range of fresh and bold ideas that will undoubtedly raise eyebrows and leave an impression. However, getting started can be a challenge, especially if it’s the first time you’re moving outside your comfort zone. Therefore, we share three tips that will do the trick and help you make bold choices.

#1 Choose colors that emphasize the character of your brand and company

Next time you’re in a group, take a look around the crowd. Everyone has their own trademark, something that characterizes who they are—whether presented through clothing, hairstyle, footwear, or other accessories. The same holds true for brands and companies. Each typically has a trademark too, for instance, a quirky brand personality, a distinct visual identity, a mascot or specific spokesperson that embraces the DNA of the company. Use colors to emphasize this trademark and to tell the story of your brand and organization.

#2 Decide on the vibe you want to create and choose colors to support the look

What’s the look and feel you have in mind for the space? It’s essential not to use colors randomly, hoping that they eventually will come together as a whole. You might be lucky, and the result will turn out good, but why run the risk? Instead, decide on the vibe for the space beforehand.

For instance, do you want to create a futuristic look? Choose color tones and materials, e.g., metal, wood, leather, and fabrics, that help support this vibe and opt for cold and metallic hues. If, on the other hand, you aim to create a more luscious look and feel, choose rich materials, warm and theatrical colors that bring about a dramatic effect.

#3 Define the function of the room

Other important questions to ask yourself whenever choosing colors include: What’s the function of the space? Is it an area to meet, focus, or breakout? Or perhaps something else? For which industry are you designing? Hospitality or higher education? What kind of company? A corporate or a young startup?

Answering these questions should already help guide you in the right direction. But, don’t fall in the trap of choosing blue for a bank or orange for an insurance company. Remember, this is about stepping outside your comfort zone, to break conventions and create that aha-moment.

Imagination has no boundaries, so go wild. Play with colors and materials to find out what you like. If you’re ever in doubt, revisit these tips and get inspired by the new and striking combinations. Don’t blend in. Stand out!

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