2-Star Michelin Restaurant Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia Serves Up a Sound & Sensory Experience

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Behind each Michelin-starred restaurant, there is an enchanting and compelling story. Join us inside one of Milan's historic restaurants and contemporary hotspots, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, to learn more about how perfect acoustics plays a crucial role in obtaining that pleasant atmosphere visitors expect.

Desire for Modernity and Attention to Tradition

2-star Michelin restaurant and contemporary hotspot Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia's restyled interior was led by architecture studio Vudafieri– Saverino Partners (VSP). Due to the studio's exceptional experience in developing new restaurant concepts, VSP remained true to the history and character of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia's residence by carefully designing a bright and intimate space for their customers to enjoy great food, wine, and company.

The chefs, Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani—both simplicity seekers and known for challenging trends—clearly conveyed their vision before the refurbishment took place, “We don’t like eating in restaurants that look like a computer store. We want a space that evokes warmth, even if it stays minimal. Japan is a good example."

We don’t like eating in restaurants that look like a computer store. We want a space that evokes warmth, even if it stays minimal.

— Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, Chefs at Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Within the restaurant, VSP studio aimed to create a neutral, relaxing atmosphere with a main focus on the gastronomic experience. Design cues from the past convey a sense of continuity, while the Canaletto walnut's warm tones further define the rooms. Bringing it all together are the fabrics, a true reflection of Milan's residential district. Wood is featured around the windows, reminiscent of the old houses scattered around the restaurant's surroundings. 

The ripple effect of poor acoustics

Every guest wants to enjoy a special meal and, at the same time, be able to carry out a normal conversation. However, creating an acoustically well-balanced space can be challenging, especially in the hospitality sector.

In the report, Noise and Its Impact on the Perception of Food and Drink, from the University of Oxford, Charles Spencer concluded that “both background noise and loud music can impair our ability to taste food and drink. It would appear that noise selectively impairs the ability to detect tastes such as sweet and sour while leaving certain other taste and flavor experiences relatively unaffected."

What we can take away from this study is that acoustic treatments should never be an afterthought but should be incorporated from the starting point of any design project of any space, including the hospitality sector, which is what VSP did during the refurbishment stage.

To meet the challenges of background noise, VSP chose to work extensively with BuzziProp LED and BuzziJet in different zones of the restaurant. These noise-reducing pendant lights accommodate the demand for both sound absorption and light.

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