Contentful Adds a Powerful Punch of Color to Its Berlin Office

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See how our solutions also create an acoustic getaway for their employees.

Headless content management system Contentful recently revamped its Berlin-based office with a dose of poppy colors and acoustic solutions from our offerings. Take a closer look below at the project done by interior designers and creative studio toi toi toi.

A bevy of our boundary-pushing BuzziSpark solutions, designed in collaboration with Alain Gilles, have been placed side-by-side to create an acoustic getaway for employees to work or rest in silence without any distractions from background noise. BuzziSpark also works as a Touchdown spot where employees can catch up on emails, prepare for a meeting, or get some focus work done.

For a playful take on the meeting room and breakout zone, our BuzziPuzzle acoustic seating element adds a whimsical touch to the space while helping to absorb excessive noise.

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