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New Products: BuzziShield Free Arc & BuzziRugs Clouds

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Add them to your interior today!

We’ve added BuzziShield Free Arc and BuzziRugs Clouds to our family.

BuzziShield Free Arc features all the same great qualities as our BuzziShield Free office divider but is now offered in an additional design-pleasing arched shape. Its curved shape helps you move away from hard edges while adding a playful touch to any area.

BuzziShield Free Arc’s upholstered body and rich shape instantly create a warm and welcoming environment and can help to form multiple spaces for togetherness, whether in an office, hospitality sector, residential area, or beyond. The office and room divider additionally helps to absorb excessive noise while ensuring there is enough privacy between workstations.

BuzziSpace Buzzichip acoustic lighting retrofit globe spot

Lay down some comfort with BuzziRugs. The accessory item helps define zones without having to build walls, all while adding warmth and a vintage feel to your space. Now available in a playful clouds design: BuzziRugs Clouds. BuzziRugs Clouds, along with the full BuzziRugs range, is available in stock in the EU and US.


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