Creating a Happy Workplace for Your Employees Working From Home

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Looking for ways to support your staff working from home? The BuzziTripl Home is the perfect solution for you!

Boost Your Employees’ Happiness and Well-being

COVID-19 has affected the way we do things, both in our private and professional life. As the workplace we once knew continues to shift, it has established a new norm in how employers and employees work. Our usual face-to-face collaborations have turned into virtual meetings, working from home is now the standard, and new ways to run our daily operations have emerged for the better.

With countries slowly beginning to come out of lockdown, giving us a sense of ‘back to reality’, some large companies will let their employees continue working from the comfort of their own homes until the end of the year. Tech giants like Google and Facebook have officially announced that their work-from-home policy plan will be extended until 2021, whilst Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has notified his staff that they might have to remain working from home “forever”.

This can of course take a toll on many, especially for those struggling with the uncertainty. With remote work becoming the new normal, employers and employees must now find ways to create happy and healthy workspaces for productivity and focus to continue in distraction-filled environments. And while working from home can be great for one’s work-life balance, according to multiple studies, it can sometimes be mentally and physically taxing.

BuzziTripl Home: Your Work From Home Cocoon

Nobody said teleworking would be easy. To add to their usual workload, those working from home are also faced with newly added stresses, like looking after children, dealing with noisy roommates, general quarantine life and, for many, the loneliness of self-isolation. Hard-working people need to feel the support of their bosses so as to mitigate the new uncertainties in their professional life, and ultimately improve their well-being.

That’s why we here at BuzziSpace, along with our team of brilliant designers, have come up with our very own response to the coronavirus pandemic. On top of our lauded lineup of desk partitions and office dividers that can be utilized in any open-floor office or public space, our latest family member, the BuzziTripl Home, will ensure staff wellbeing for those working from home.

The free-standing desk and room partition can be used in conjunction to create a temporary office anywhere in the house, whether it be in the kitchen or any other shared common room. And it works perfectly for working parents who need to block out their children during an important video call! Of course, we took those living in smaller city apartments into consideration. Both iterations of the BuzziTripl Home Low and BuzziTripl Home High are foldable and lightweight, making for easy storage, whether it be in the closet or under a bed.

Looking beyond the pandemic, the BuzziTriple Home will provide a productive working environment for employees in the years to come, helping to create a private space with minimal sound disturbances, optimal for staff concentration levels. And when the time comes for a return to the office, the items’ flexibility will also make it easy to define multiple workstations and will be easier to clean compared to its glass and plastic screen counterparts, with a simple use of disinfectant spray, such as ethanol and diluted household bleach. And don’t worry, the items will retain their color, texture, and performance, even after repeated cleans.

So while teleworking is now the default for the foreseeable future, it shouldn’t have to be seen as a contingency or perk, but as a long-term investment and part of a bigger strategy for blended accommodation. Together with our effective furniture, we can help to create a happy and healthy workplace, no matter if it’s in the office or at home, during the pandemic and further afield, improving on wellbeing for all!

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