BuzziCee: Welcome to the inner circle

BuzziCee is unlike anything we’ve ever created before. Contrary to traditional seating elements, BuzziCee features a symmetrical curved shape that allows colleagues to hold informal meetings or to sit together apart. The unique acoustic seating solution is made to be placed in the center of a space and is additionally perfect for creating Hubs of Togetherness whether it be in an open-plan office, reception area, hospitality space, or beyond.

Nice to Cee you

Due to its inviting “C” shape, BuzziCee naturally brings people simultaneously into its inner circle which will be sure to generate spontaneous conversations amongst strangers. And with the new way of working rolling in, the seating element is the perfect gathering spot to bring colleagues together for a quick face-to-face chat or brainstorm session, all while guaranteeing physical distance and creating a stronger bond amongst teammates.

Eye-catching design

BuzziCee’s striking design will instantly elevate your open area. The standalone product works well on its own or paired alongside other products within our coveted portfolio. Place it under an XXL variant of our BuzziShade, BuzzJet, or BuzziTube acoustic solutions to create that ultimate impactful environment for visitors and employees alike.

C is for Cozy

BuzziCee is crafted from our boundary-pushing acoustic foam to provide the ultimate solution for absorbing excessive noise in any modern residential or commercial space while creating a sense of togetherness. And because of its sturdy and welcoming form, BuzziCee instantly creates a sense of coziness and warmth, along with happy and healthy vibes.

Centre of attention

Designed to be the ultimate focal point in your workspace, BuzziCee can be upholstered in a wide range of our signature fabrics to ensure the seating element flawlessly complements your decor needs.

Create a sense of togetherness

Acoustics : Tone it down

Due to its circular shape and foam body, BuzziCee is one of the most performant acoustic elements in our range and is our highest acoustic seating performer to date. One BuzziCee provides an average of 4.5 Sabins of absorption from 250Hz-4Khz, making this solution an excellent and balanced absorber of sound across the full speech frequency range (Low, Mid, and High tones). In comparison, one BuzziCee provides the same amount of absorption as two BuzziTotem Large.

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