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Light it up the right way: 4 settings to inspire you

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Finding the most suitable acoustic lightingsolution can be challenging. Therefore, we’ve put together a quick guide for you with four inspirational settings to help you light up your space the right way.

Every day we’re exposed to light in a variety of hues and shades, and the importance of proper lit and acoustically well-balanced spaces has become more evident during the past decade with an increased focus on workers’ well-being and happiness.

As a pioneer in acoustics, we provide solutions that combine good lighting with high acoustic performance, suitable for a variety of settings and activities. Dive in to discover more!

Meeting room

Meeting rooms are classic examples where proper lighting and acoustics are crucial to host productive sessions and allow workers to have conversations and discussions with proper speech clarity. Due to the versatile nature of many meeting rooms, it’s critical to provide adequate lighting for different functionalities.

Due to the versatile nature of many meeting rooms, it’s critical to provide adequate lighting for different functionalities.

For instance, BuzziPleat can be fitted with the BuzziSol Spot. It provides a light output of 1500 lumen with a beam angle of 38 degrees. Cluster and combine a few BuzziPleat Light pendants above a meeting table with a maximum height of 1.9 meters to achieve 500 LUX. Acoustically, this setup will prevent sound waves from traveling continuously in the space and combine lighting and acoustic treatment in one.

Lobby and lounge areas

Whether it’s the hotel lounge or office lobby, it’s crucial to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, providing enough privacy for informal meetings along with adequate lighting. It’s the complete experience that counts. Lighting isn’t only for performing tasks, reading, and writing. It’s made to create atmospheres, too. And with a variety of light sources, you can do just that.

Add clustered acoustic pendants, like BuzziDome, to create an acoustic ceiling, visually making the space smaller, and ultimately create an intimate, cozy atmosphere. The dome-shaped body will soak up undesired noise while the LED disk, emitting a warm light, helps promote a relaxed and pleasant environment. If you want to make it even cozier, opt for lighting that provides dimming options.

Open spaces

Open workspaces are praised for providing easy access to coworkers, fostering collaboration, and encouraging social interaction. Opponents of the open office model, on the other hand, claim that open spaces lack both visual and acoustic privacy causing productivity loss, higher stress, and even health issues. Acoustic lighting can solve this.

Delineate zones in open workspaces using floor lamps or big shades.

BuzziJet Standing, for example, provides a powerful light output with its 2545 lumen. As it hovers down from above, it helps delineate zones in open spaces. The dimmable LED disk can be adjusted for various tasks and settings—from workstations to meeting spaces and lounge settings.

Cafeteria and coffee corners

The importance of creating well-lit spaces extends beyond office settings. Proper lighting in cafeterias and coffee corners not only impacts our health and well-being, but it also influences our ability to create specific experiences.

BuzziShade, available in a range of sizes and fitted with different light sources, is a classic in many communal and dining areas. The large felt shade helps define and separate settings while providing adequate lighting and preventing eavesdroppers from listening in on conversations. The latest design includes BuzziShade XXL. With its oversized shade, it acts like a cocoon, delineating spaces with elegance and excellent light output.

To create a cozy, warm, and welcoming setting, consider BuzziProp above the bar area. Alternatively, opt for BuzziChandelier, which provides a modern take on the past with its lantern look-a-like design.

Now, it’s your tun. Have fun designing!

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