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Sound-absorbing lighting put into practice

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Explore 7 inspirational settings for fresh ideas on how to implement acoustic lighting.

BuzziPleat LED

— Bern University, Bern, CH

Often, spaces are already occupied by other furnishings, and sometimes the ceiling is too. But in between floor and ceiling, there’s not always a lot happening. In spaces like these, BuzziPleat LED can be a great add-on. With its architectural folds, it traps sound waves, preventing them from bouncing back and forth on hard surfaces. Simultaneously, it supplies a great light output in communal areas or workspaces. For added visual impact, combine a series of suspended and wall-mounted BuzziPleat like here at Bern University.

BuzziLight Mono

— Splunk, McLean, US

BuzziLight Mono adds soft shadows and soft sound to a space. At Splunk, designers wanted to move beyond standard break areas and focused on providing a balance that would truly blur the line between work and play. They created this cozy lounge with BuzziLight Mono pending from different heights to hide away from the daily buzz.


— Work together, NeoCon 2019, US

BuzziMoon answers the request of general lighting in the office space. With its sound-absorbing body, it scores high on acoustical performance. Here you see BuzziMoon in a BuzziBracks setup allowing coworkers to work apart together. The LED module has an output of 2500 Lumen at a temperature of 3000K which is ideal to focus and meet. BuzziMoon can be finished off in different fabrics to match your furniture and exists in various 3D patterns.

BuzziShade Pendant

— NicholsBooth Office, San Francisco, US

The popular open-office model connects workers. But at the same time noise can be a challenge. At NicholsBooth Office, the designers chose to add BuzziShade to create a little silent zone to work and meet. BuzziShade is designed with large-scale settings in mind.


— Nova Chemicals, Texas, US

BuzziJet is a simple pendant light for superior acoustics, designed with happy, healthy workspaces in mind. The aerodynamic design offers sound-absorbing capabilities, delivering acoustic comfort paired with a powerful light output. With a wide range of upholstery fabrics available, BuzziJet, available in two models, can be customized to complement furnishings and decor within various environments, lobbies and workspaces to communal areas like here at Nova Chemicals.


— New Wave, Maryland, US

In the refurbished space of New Wave, Maryland, the designers at Arris Design sought to create settings that inspire innovation and creative thinking—and that include meeting and conference rooms too! With its iconic shape, BuzziBell adds softness to the space while reducing sound, so employees can remain focused and bring their brightest ideas to the table!


— BuzziBar, Orgatec 2016, DE

BuzziChandelier adds atmosphere to your room with artful shadows and softened sounds. Make a statement and opt for a printed version in Gold, Carrara, and Emperador. Our bar at Orgatec was lit with 3 BuzziChandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Perfect to improve high-pitched sounds of people talking and drinking.

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