BuzziBell: It rings a bell

This noise-absorbing pendant light steals the show in every space. It is a diffused functional LED light housed in a bold bell shape. Match your lighting with the other furniture to experience its power.


The power of acoustics

We strongly believe that lighting and acoustics are vital in working environments because they have a positive impact on people’s well-being.

For that reason, BuzziBell is made from sound-absorbing BuzziFelt (BuzziSpace’s signature material) in several colors, metal, and a lighting element.

Distinctive design

BuzziBell makes a statement in offices, restaurants, hotels, institutions, residences and more.

The harmonious curve of its bell-shape adds softness to a room with the textural look of felt and a delicate, defused light source or high performance LED engine. The curved shape has an increased performance on capturing sound waves in the room.


Iconic shape without the sound

Acoustics : Tone it down

Acoustic Absorption

Maximum Absorption

Acoustic Diffusion

Maximum Diffusion

The soft edges and round shape help to diffuse sound in a better way. The curved felt surface create an air gap which traps the bass sounds. This acoustic lighting is the ideal element to hang over a meeting table or working areas to create a well-balanced sound experience.

Acoustic performance

Image of Low Tones

Low Tones

Image of Mid Tones

Mid Tones

Image of High Tones

High Tones


Need CAD files?

Our online product configurator enables you to design your own BuzziBell and download it as an AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3DS or Revit file.

About the designer : Chris Hardy

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Chris Hardy's work is fueled by a desire to develop design pieces that users can connect with on an emotional level, matching their personal styles and philosophies.
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hales photo - chris hardy 0070

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