NeoCon 2022

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Reach New Heights and discover our Solutions for Togetherness.


Couldn't make it to this year's NeoCon?

After three busy yet memorable days, NeoCon 2022 is a wrap! For those able to stop by, we hope you were able to Reach New Heights and find inspiration for togetherness with our various acoustic solutions, lighting, and furniture. We even had a visit from designer Alain Gilles! We can’t wait to see you in 2023. Let’s relive some of the highlights from this year’s edition below.

— Cory Grosser Named HiP Designer of the Year ​​​​​​​

During Sunday’s festivities, designer Cory Grosser won the HiP Award for Designer of the Year! We’ve had the pleasure to work with Cory and his team in designing our biophilic BuzziMood acoustic solution. With its lush botanical appearance, BuzziMood helps promote a more relaxed and calm atmosphere. 

— Quick preview of new solutions shown at NeoCon

Curious to discover some of the new launches presented at this year's NeoCon Shows? Go directly to the product pages to get to know the new solutions better, or get a quick preview of them by scrolling down the page.

BuzziShield Light

BuzziShield Light is a gently curved linear fixture with integrated dimmable LEDs and elevated with stitch detailing. 


BuzziChip helps you move away from hard edges while adding a playful touch to any area. Combine the different models in various fabrics and colors to form a playful and dynamic ceiling.


BuzziRugs is available in Gold, Seal, Moss and Jeans colorways. The round and rectangular rugs incorporate our signature characteristic sound-absorption qualities

BuzziPleat Edel Long & BuzziPleat Light Edel Long

Finally, BuzziPleat Edel Long provides a shelter when suspended above a large communal table, creating a sense of togetherness. The new BuzziPleat Edel Long model can also be paired with BuzziSol Trio or BuzziSol Quintet in either a Globe or Spot iteration, also known as BuzziPleat Light Edel Long.

Welcome back to Chicago

When it comes to happy and healthy spaces, BuzziSpace goes above and beyond. Our solutions form the perfect building blocks when redesigning your workspace so you can reach new heights.

Join us at NeoCon 2022, from June 13-15, at the iconic Merchandise Mart in Chicago. In our updated Chicago Sh’Office, you’ll get a first-hand look at our building blocks which are essential in the ever-shifting world of workspaces. These building blocks are designed to form Hubs of Togetherness that champion hybrid ways of working.

Additionally, you’ll be able to get an up-close look at some of our latest product launches ranging from lighting, furniture, and acoustic applications, which will hopefully inspire you to create your own happy and healthy workspaces.

Our dedicated sales team is looking forward to showing you our innovative and humancentric acoustic solutions. The team will also share practical tips and tricks on how you can combine our solutions to form areas to hold informal meetings, collaboration spaces, private spaces to work apart together, or just a spot to unwind.

Can’t Make It?

For those who are not able to attend, don’t miss out on all things BuzziSpace! Make sure you stay in the loop on the new products we will be launching at the event, acoustic insights, how to redesign your workspace, and much more. Still feel like you're going to miss out? You can sign up for highlights and/or a virtual guided tour with one our sales reps.

A Sneak Peek

Can’t wait to join us in Chicago? Here is a sneak peek of our settings and acoustic solutions, furniture, and lighting elements that will be on display. You’ll also be able to discover some of our newer products including BuzziHug, BuzziNest, and BuzziShield Hook, along with some soon-to-be-announced launches. So stay tuned!

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