Work, meet & play at Volkswagen

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Step into the Volkswagen Financial Service office in Berlin where designers created a modern work environment without static workstations.

At the Digital Unit in Berlin, employees from business and IT are working together to develop digital products for the market. Here, agile methods play a central role, and this is also reflected in the design of this modern workspace. At this office, you will not find any static workstations but lounge zones, meeting hubs, communication areas, and flex desks.

The popular open-office model connects workers. But, at the same time noise can be a challenge. Therefore, the designers brought in several sound-absorbing solutions to create more quiet and privacy to work, meet and play.

BuzziScreen is a great example. Here, it has been used to create smaller areas in a big space, so employees can work without any interruptions from their colleagues talking to each other. Discover other room dividers here.

Throughout the office space, the designers also integrated a variety of BuzziVille configurations to accommodate different types of work and activities. This makes the space extremely versatile and by adding flexible seating elements like BuzziCube, workers can make the space their own—either gather for a quick brainstorm session or get together, socialize and catch up on the latest news.

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