Karl Kübel Schule Elevates Its Learning Spaces

On top of fighting poor acoustics, our solutions helped to create collaborative spaces for the technical school.

As a leading pioneer in acoustics, our innovative solutions are suited for various environments, including educational spaces. Our lauded products address acoustic issues in educational settings through a combination of thoughtful design, advanced materials, and strategic placement.

With back-to-school season upon us, we take a look at one of our recent installations for Karl Kübel Schule, a technical school based in Bensheim, Germany. The educational institute added a selection of our acoustic products and furniture to its common areas and study spaces so students can focus and collaborate.

Take a closer look below at the project.

BuzziHub, designed in collaboration with Alain Gilles, works perfectly in the open space to create an acoustic getaway for students to rest or catch up with friends without any distractions from background noise. BuzziPicNic also works as a communal spot for students to hold group study sessions or to catch up on work between classes.

In the larger communal area, BuzziCube, BuzziMilk Table, and BuzziShield Hook are positioned to create various Me & We Spaces for students to catch up with one another, hold meetings, or more relaxed group study sessions.

BuzziCube features sound-absorbing materials that help create quieter and more focused areas for studying, discussions, and collaborative activities, while also providing a cozy spot to sit.

BuzziShield Hook is a flexible room divider with acoustic properties that allows educational spaces to be easily reconfigured while maintaining optimal sound conditions. These dividers not only provide privacy but also control noise and create defined areas for different activities.

We can help address acoustic issues in your educational space with our diverse range of solutions designed to cater to various needs and preferences.

Our solutions combine functionality, aesthetics, and acoustics to help create learning environments that are conducive to focused learning, effective communication, and overall student well-being.

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