Novo Nordisk Applies Its WOW Concept to Prague Office

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A range of BuzziSpace acoustic solutions helped the pharmaceutical company conceptualize its “Way of Working” ethos.


Pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, with the aid of Colliers Architecture and BuzziSpace distributors CRE 8, has turned its Prague-based office into a cozy working environment.

Located in the Mississippi House building on the waterfront, the updated office features Novo Nordisk’s WOW (Way of Working) concept, which allows employees to freely decide where they want to work at any given moment depending on their needs. No employee has a permanent workspace.

Take a closer look below at the project.

As part of the setup, our BuzziSpace acoustic seating elements, BuzziK and BuzziQ, help contribute to several relaxation spots, while our acoustic room divider, BuzziFalls, helps to define the space while adding extra visual and acoustic privacy.

Over in the small meeting rooms, BuzziTab Soft acoustic panels add a pop of color while providing necessary acoustical benefits so employees can thrive without being distracted by excessive noise.

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