BuzziK: Fit for a king

For an instant retreat, BuzziK helps to push away distractions so you can take a moment to catch up on emails or unwind up with a book.

A royal affair

Due to its luxe upholstered body, BuzziK is befitting for a king. Pair it with the matching BuzziK Ottoman for the ultimate relaxation spot in any workspace or home. Additionally, complement BuzziK with BuzziQ for a perfect Hubs for Togetherness setup.

Regal design

BuzziK’s angular design is perfectly highlighted in our new BuzziFabric Nude 70 shade. The demure pink tone suits any workspace looking to add a bit of color without overpowering any existing decor. Our signature double seam helps to add the finishing regal touches.

An instant throne

Because BuzziK is on stock, the acoustic seating element can be delivered quickly to you so you can enjoy your new throne in no time.

A perfect Hubs for Togetherness setup

Acoustics : Tone it down

With its high density of acoustic material, BuzziK is a private cocoon that helps cancel out distractions and excessive noise. And due to its rotating base, it allows for different levels of privacy without having to change your seat.

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Acoustic seating fit for a king

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