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Your MeSpace in Less Than 15 mins

Our new pre-assembled BuzziNest Booth option makes it easier and quicker for you to enjoy some privacy.

 Pre-Assembled Option: From 60 mins to under 15 mins

 — Your MeSpace in Less Than 15 mins

Do you have a tight deadline or need a quick install? BuzziNest Booth is now available in a pre-assembled model, ensuring you get a premium, sturdy structure right out of the box in less than 15 minutes!

Just roll in our pre-assembled BuzziNest Booth into your desired space*, unbox, roll off, plug it in and voila! The new option, which is pre-assembled by professionals at our factory, provides the need for instant privacy.

Our pre-assembled BuzziNest Booth is an eco-conscious choice as it requires less packaging. The packaging is also completely recyclable, thus creating less environmental waste.

*Disclaimer: Doors should be taller than 232 cm | 91.34” to ensure proper delivery of our pre-assembled BuzziNest Booth. If the pre-assembled model is already on its wheels, the minimum door height needs to be 218 cm | 85.33”.

Add the pre-assembled BuzziNest Booth to your workspace

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